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Grimm Fairy Tales
   5FINITY Productions - 2011

Notes: This release has sketch cards that feature the modern comic book series. 
Thanks to the Scoundrel Art Community for assistance! Further information 
and scans may be posted at the 5FINITY website.

Limited to 950 packs.

    Artist                          Count

Regular Artists

    Kristin Allen                     40
    Lynne Anderson                    16
    Boo                               24
    Eman Casallos                     50
    Mel Celestial                     16
    Amy Clark                         24
    Adam Cleveland                    50
    Caleb Cleveland                   16
    Roy Cover                         40
    Hayden Davis                      12
    Ben Dunn                          28
    Michael Duron                     24
    Danielle Ellison                  16
    Denae Frazier                     16
    Fer Galicia                       30
    Penelope Gaylord                  32
    David Harrigan                    16
    Erica Hesse                       24
    Charles Holbert                   16
    Cassandra James                   24
    Chris Johnson                     16
    Samantha Johnson                  16
    Ryan Kincaid                      24
    Randy Kintz                       24
    Elfie Lebouleux                   16
    Daniel Leister                    16
    Dominic Marco                     20
    Bill Maus                         20
    Jason Metcalf                     24
    Remy Mokhtar                      40
    Marat Mychaels                    16
    Vo Nguyen                         24
    Rhiannon Owens                    16
    Joe Pekar                         16
    Ashleigh Popplewell               24
    Buddy Prince                      32
    Scott Rorie                       24
    Jackie Santiago                   16
    Mina Sanwald                      16
    Cal Slayton                       16
    Louis Small                       29
    Luke Smarto                       32
    Danielle Soloud                   40
    Amber Stone                       40
    Eric Swanson                      16
    Bianca Thompson                   24
    Arley Tucker                      20
    John Watkins-Chow                 24
    Justin Wayne                      16

Rare Artists

    Roger Andrews                     10
    George Calloway                    8
    Justin Chung                       8
    Mike DeBalfo                       6
    Patrick Finch                     10
    Benjamin Glendenning              10
    Nicole Goff                        5
    Danny Kuang                        6
    Lak Lim                            8
    Bill McKay                         8
    Walter Ostlie                     10
    Pasquale Qualano                   6
    Frank Rapoza                       8
    Nei Ruffino                        8
    David Ryan                         8
    Frankie B Washington               8
    George Webber                     10
    Jason Worthington                  8
    Dean Yeagle                        6  [mystery artist]

Wood Chase Card


Dealer Incentives (Grimm Fairy Tales Quick Pay incentive)

    Glen Fernandez                    16
    Ana Sanchez                       16
    (3-card promo set)                30
    (6-card promo set)               <20

The Female Persuasion 2 (Bonus Cards released with that series)

    Andy Black                         8
    Sanju Nivangune                   20


5GFTA   J. Scott Campbell (Snow White; 2500 produced)
Promo   J. Scott Campbell (Snow White; Philly Non-Sports Card Show stamp)
Promo   Zenescope (wielding sword; Philly Non-Sports Card Show Spring 2016)
Promo   Zenescope (wielding sword; Triangle Cards)
Promo   Zenescope (wielding sword; 250 made)
Promo   (Louis Small sketch, 2-card panel; 2015, 1/1)

     Dealer Incentive 3-Card Set (30 made; also mentioned above)

        (blue top wading)
        (electricity vs. blade)
        (Room 47)

     Dealer Incentive 6-Card Set (250 made; less than 20 distributed; also above)

        (red outfit and sword)
        (thorny nose)
        (book and sword)
        (ice throne)
        (minotaur and princess)
        (red and black, sheathing sword)

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