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Green Hornet Photos
   Donruss - 1966

Notes:American Card Catalog reference is R818-8. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs of cards + gum.

No.   Card Text

  1   The fantastic crime fighter, The Green Hornet, is
  2   Mike Axford, the crime reporter for the Daily Sent
  3   Miss Case is Britt Reid's secretary at the Daily S
  4   Kato has proved again the power of Gung-Fu by subd
  5   The Green Hornet says to himself, "we must recover
  6   The Green Hornet and Kato arriving out of the nigh
  7   Quickly The Green Hornet and Kato disarm the two n
  8   The third jewel thief darting out of the room is a
  9   "All right, fellows, the party's over!" says The G
 10   Pointing his pistol at Miss Case, the criminal tel
 11   The Black Beauty entering the hieout is fired upon
 12   The Black Beauty has two of the criminals pinned t
 13   "There he goes!" screams Kato as The Green Hornet
 14   "I see him, Kato. We'll soon show him the sting of
 15   The criminals' leader attacks Kato with a knife an
 16   The leader again rises only to be rendered helples
 17   As the Green Hornet closes in, the criminal knows
 18   "I've got you! Stand up and fight like a man!" yel
 19   With a left to the face, The Green Hornet has agai
 20   "Well, thanks to you, Miss Case and Kato, we've pu
 21   "I saw them running into the house!" says Kato as
 22   Quickly leaving The Black Beauty, The Green Hornet
 23   The Green Hornet says to Kato, "Go around back, wh
 24   the Green Hornet, always ready for action, covers
 25   Kato, turning quickly, realizes the Green Hornet i
 26   "Watch it, Kato, I hear someone coming!"
 27   Kato, springing into action, disables the attackin
 28   The Green Hornet quickly tackles the second crimin
 29   The criminals knowing the game is over, start comi
 30   "Let's go, Kato, I don't think we'll have anymore
 31   The Green Hornet checks the bookshelves looking fo
 32   "Watch it, Kato!" The Green Hornet screams as Kato
 33   Kato quickly unleashes a flurry of deadly and deci
 34   The final Gung-Fu move lifts the criminal from the
 35   Kato, turning quickly, realizes the Green Hornet i
 36   As the Green Hornet rescues Miss Case, Kato yells,
 37   Kato quickly crosses the street and captures one o
 38   Another criminal appears from the bushes, but he t
 39   "Get the police over here!" yells Kato as two more
 40   Seeing the stolen car driving away, Kato unleashes
 41   The dart punctures the tire of the criminal's car
 42   "Let's go, Kato, our work is finished here."
 43   As quickly as it entered, The Black Beauty fades f
 44   The people can sleep well tonight - Kato stands re

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