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The Green Hornet Stickers
   Topps - 1966
   O-Pee-Chee - 1966

Note: Stickers have blank backs. American Card Catalog reference is R705-10. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs of 3 stickers.

No.   Description

  1   (yellow; green letters; image in explosion)
  2   (yellow stamp; red letters; Reid in rectangle)
  3   (blue; white letters; oval portrait)
  4   (yellow; red letters; image in explosion)
  5   Kato (blue cityscape / pink skyline)
  6   (blue; black letters; image in yellow shield)
  7   (yellow; image in shield)
  8   (red; white letters; image in explosion)
  9   (blue; black letters; image in trapezoid)
 10   Britt Reid (yellow; green letters; Hornet in oval)
 11   (yellow; red letters; image in trapezoid)
 12   (yellow; red letters; image in red shield)
 13   Pursued by the Police / Sought by the Syndicate
 14   (red; yellow letters; Reid in oval)
 15   Wanted (white; red/green letters; image in square)
 16   (yellow solid; red letters)
 17   Kato (yellow; green letters; image in hexagon)
 18   (red; white letters; image in yellow shield)
 19   (white; green letters; image in diamond)
 20   Britt Reid (red; yellow letters; image in hexagon)
 21   (white; green letters; image in circle)
 22   (cyan; black letters; image in shield)
 23   (yellow; green letters; oval portrait)
 24   (white; red letters; image in circle)
 25   (red; yellow letters; Hornet in trapezoid)
 26   (solid red; blue letters)
 27   (red; green letters; image in circle)
 28   (green; yellow letters; oval portrait)
 29   (red; yellow letters; image in mask)
 30   (red; yellow letters; Reid and Case in oval)
 31   (yellow; red letters; image in oval)
 32   (pink; yellow letters; image in explosion)
 33   (yellow stamp; red letters, Hornet in rectangle)
 34   (green; yellow letters; landscape in explosion)
 35   (green; black letters; image in white shield)
 36   (full photo; half-left profile)
 37   (yellow; green letters; image in trapezoid)
 38   (yellow; red letters; image in mask)
 39   (red; white letters; portrait in oval)
 40   (green; yellow letters; portrait in explosion)
 41   Britt Reid (yellow; green letters; Reid in oval)
 42   (red; yellow letters; Hornet and Kato in trapezoid)
 43   (red; yellow letters; caricature)
 44   (red; yellow letters; image in explosion)

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