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GrossOut [Australia Series 1]
   Kryptyx - 2006

Notes: The Upper Deck edition ("U.S. Series 1") is different in 
numbering and a few titles from Series 1 that was originally published 
in Australia. The cards are tied to online games and features at the 
GrossOut web archive.

Box 2: 36 packs of 6 base cards + 1 eyeball candy (vertical).
Box 2: 36 packs of 6 base cards + 1 power card (horizontal).

No.   Title                    Subset

  1   Sticky Situation         Poo, Wee & Farts
  2   One, Two - Do a Poo      Poo, Wee & Farts
  3   Potty Laundry            Poo, Wee & Farts
  4   Poo Pellets              Poo, Wee & Farts
  5   Flammable Farts          Poo, Wee & Farts
  6   Unhygienic Hands         Poo, Wee & Farts
  7   Bacteria Snack           Gross Body
  8   Anyone for Tennis?       Gross Body
  9   Ear Drum Ooze            Gross Body
 10   Witchy Wart              Gross Body
 11   Eye Goo                  Gross Body
 12   Maximum Butt             Gross Body
 13   Know Your Zits           Gross Body
 14   Jawbreaker               Animals
 15   Spitting Competition     Animals
 16   Dolphin Dump             Animals
 17   Stinky Skunky Spray      Animals
 18   Poisonous Plague         Animals
 19   Foot Worm                Bugs & Insects
 20   Dinner Date              Bugs & Insects
 21   Flea Collar              Bugs & Insects
 22   Bug Zapper               Bugs & Insects
 23   Losing Your Head         Bugs & Insects
 24   You Only Sting Once      Bugs & Insects
 25   Astrosnack               Bugs & Insects
 26   Belch or Slurp           Gross Foods
 27   Rats on the Menu         Gross Foods
 28   Hairball Jewels          Gross Foods
 29   Feeding Frenzy           Gross Foods
 30   Most Hated Vegetable     Gross Foods
 31   Hard To Swallow          Mouth & Nose
 32   Tasty Boogers            Mouth & Nose
 33   Kiss My Cavities         Mouth & Nose
 34   Gassy Relief             Mouth & Nose
 35   Kissing Disease          Mouth & Nose
 36   Long-Reaching Retching   Mouth & Nose
 37   Jeckyl & Formaldehyde    Rituals
 38   Head Shrinker            Rituals
 39   Humane Execution         Rituals
 40   Really Fast Food         Rituals
 41   Getting Up My Goat       Rituals
 42   Dinner with Friends      Rituals
 43   Sire Lance-a-Lot         Gross Health
 44   Maggot Medicine          Gross Health
 45   Bleed It Better          Gross Health
 46   Super Bugs               Gross Health
 47   Deadly Weapon            Gross Health
 48   Smoked Organs            Gross Health
 49   Creeping Cold Sores      Gross Health
 50   Double Dipping           Freaks & Weirdos
 51   Nasal Noodles            Freaks & Weirdos
 52   Lizard Man               Freaks & Weirdos
 53   Snotty Art               Freaks & Weirdos
 54   Eye-Popper               Freaks & Weirdos
 55   Double-Header            Freaks & Weirdos
 56   Maniac Magic             Freaks & Weirdos
 57   Fuzzy Hole               Totally Gross
 58   Dead Skin Dust           Totally Gross
 59   Sickening Smog           Totally Gross
 60   Paper Replacer           Totally Gross


Scratch 'n' Sniff Cards (1:6 packs)

S1    As-Pee-Ragus
S2    Flatulence Factors
S3    Air-Conditioning
S4    Pungent Pets
S5    Mouse Trap Crap
S6    Silent But Deadly
S7    Poop Shoot	
S8    Mouldy Cheese
S9    Vampire's Curse
S10   The King of Fruits
S11   Chucking Up Chunks
S12   5 Star Smell Hotel
S13   Moose Poop Festival
S14   Bog Racing
S15   Foot Fungus
S16   Mr. Methane
S17   Stench Soup
S18   Short & Curlies
S19   Dustbin of Europe
S20   Carpet Kitty
S21   Fatty Flush [K-Zone exclusive]


  7   Tennis Anyone?
 --   Dig Deep for Gross Out

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