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Growing Pains
     Topps - 1988

Note:  Also distributed as a factory set.  Thanks much to Wanda Fuller for filling
in the gaps!!

No.   Back Title                         Front Caption

 1    Fun Together                       A Topps Picture Card Series
 2    Meet Alan Thicke                   Alan Thicke as Jason Seaver
 3    Meet Joanna Kerns                  Joanna Kerns as Maggie Seaver
 4    Meet Kirk Cameron                  Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver
 5    Meet Tracey Gold                   Tracey Gold as Carol Seaver
 6    Meet Jeremy Miller                 Jeremy Miller as Ben Seaver
 7    Nose for Trouble!                  It's my new look--"Miami Nice"!
 8    Kiss the Cook!                     Are you sure you followed the recipe? Most cakes don't have brussel sprouts as an ingredient!
 9    Celebrity Mom!                     I'm not angry ... but could you please get off my toe!
10    Mean Machine                       Grounded Again!
11    Four Is More!                      Yes, dear. You're the fairest of them all. Now can I use the mirror?
12    Television Time                    I know we're all tired. But shouldn't someone turn the TV on?
13    World's Greatest Mom!              I love you, Honey. But please don't glue the silverware to the table.
14    Easy Money                         I'm a man of the 80's. I have a real hand in raising my kids.
15    Laughable, Loveable Mike!          I never met a mirror I didn't like!
16    Have I got a date tonight!         Have I got a date tonight!
17    Hot Date!                          Sometimes a guy just has to make sacrifices. I'll only go on two dates this Saturday!
18    Dad's a Pro!                       A cup of polycarbonate? ... Wait a sec, this is mike's chemistry book!
19    Growing Pains Puzzle #1            I hope everyone wanted those burgers well done!
20    Goody-Goody?                       I think these high-heels are too high. I'm getting dizzy!
21    Junk! Junk! Junk!                  Yes, Son, that's the best trout imitation I've ever seen!
22    Whiz Kid Woes                      It was either a ghost or I ate too much mocha pistachio ice cream last night!
23    Report Card Blues                  It's not that your grades were bad, Mike. It's just that you failed "Chair Usage 101"!
24    Say No to Drugs                    Look for sea shells? Nah, I'm looking for bikinis!
25    Growing Pains Puzzle #2            It's not a treasure map ... It's directions to New Jersey!
26    Family Fun                         That's lovely, sweetheart ... But are you trying out for the cheerleading squad or the debate team?
27    Bruce Fever!                       Dad, isn't the pancake supposed to come down after you flip it in the air?
28    Mike for President!                Three out of four cheerleaders agree! It's me!
29    Away from It All                   It sure is quiet. Are the kids out or are we in the wrong house?
30    Friends Forever                    I'm not mad, Mike. I just think you should ask before renting the house out for a party!
31    Best Buddies!                      I shall return ... my library books
32    Sticky Situation!                  C'mon, help me! I put super glue on my fingertips!
33    Mom's Home!                        Don't be afraid, Honey! You won't have to eat Daddy's cooking again for a week!
34    Family Entertainment               Snap the picture already! We can't hold this pose forever!
35    Kirk Cameron's Vital Statistics!   Either this is the wrong shopping bag, or we're eating a TV dinner ... I mean a real TV for dinner!
36    Ben for Hire!                      Someday, Son, we'll own a full-sized dining room table. I promise!
37    Teacher's Pet?                     It's a cool dance ... Now could somebody please help me get up?
38    Growing Pains Trivia Question #1   A toast! ... With extra butter and jam!
39    Brain Games                        I can't remember ... is that my locker combination or my grade point average?
40    A Concerned Star                   Am I in trouble, Dad? Or do you have lockjaw?
41    A Friend in Need                   Okay, I believe you. You don't wear a toupe!
42    Aloha!                             Aloha from the Seavers!
43    Growing Pains Trivia Question #2   I tell ya, it keeps me from getting wrinkles!
44    Growing Pains Trivia Question #3   Don't worry Dad. I saw this move on a wrestling show!
45    Girls, Girls, Girls!               How's a guy supposed to look tough with flowers around his neck?
46    Two's Company                      Are the kids asleep? Or did you mail them back to the mainland?
47    Save the Mice!                     He's making dinner. Who knows the number for pizza delivery?
48    Growing Pains Trivia Question #4   Okay--Who starched my jacket?
49    Growing Pains Trivia Question #5   I cooked dinner, and I get to do the dishes, too! What a thoughtful family!
50    Growing Pains Trivia Question #6   Is this a new look, or are you becoming a mime?
51    Sneaky Sneakers                    We're innocent. We just look guilty.
52    Growing Pains Trivia #7            Okay, who left the sprinkler on?
53    Tracey Gold                        What's the meaning of life? More important, do you know a really good place to get dessert?
54    Growing Pains Trivia Question #8   Ready to throw in the towel, Honey?
55    Bad News                           2 cool 2 B 4-gotten!
56    The Price Is Right                 No, you cannot swallow goldfish with the other kids!
57    Growing Pains Trivia Question #9   Lights! Action! Carmeron!!!
58    Hardcore Homework                  Can I ask you a question? Am I cool or what?
59    Life with Kirk                     Love me ... Love my snake!
60    Growing Pains Trivia Question #10  A cake only a daughter could love!
61    Growing Pains Trivia Question #11  Trust me, Dear. Never put asparagus in a dessert!
62    Sisterly Advice                    Just what I wanted! A book about the principle exports of Ecuador!
63    Oh Brother!                        When I grow up, will I still have homework?
64    A TV Mom's Thoughts                Can we have dessert without dinner tonight?
65    Family Feud                        Nah, I don't think it's impossible to be too popular!
66    Award Winners!                     You kids want to be psychiatrists? Where did I go wrong?


 1    Jason Seaver
 2    Maggie Seaver
 3    Mike Seaver
 4    Carol Seaver
 5    Ben Seaver
 6    Alan Thicke
 7    Joanna Kerns
 8    Kirk Cameron
 9    Jeremy Miller & Tracey Gold
10    Whatta Hunk!
11    The Sensational Seavers!

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