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Great Disasters Shock Cards
Personality Comics - 1992

Notes:  Presumably these were originally issued in a factory set, but I can't
confirm this.  No numbers are printed on the cards; those shown are taken
from the printed checklist. The cards aren't really intended to "shock" (as
you would guess from the set title; this is pretty much an "educational" set.

No.   Title

 (1)  Great Tri-State Tornado
 (2)  Eruption of Krakatau
 (3)  Train Crash, Tangiwai, New Zealand
 (4)  The Great Chicago Fire
 (5)  The Great Fire of London
 (6)  Chilean Earthquake
 (7)  Earthquake, Messina, Sicily
 (8)  Office Fire, Sao Paulo, Brazil
 (9)  The Ohio Tornadoes
(10)  Landslide at Alberfan, Wales
(11)  Dust Bowl, Central United States
(12)  Explosion at Flixborough, England
(13)  Hurrican "Hugo"
(14)  Tokyo Earthquake
(15)  Tarragona, Spain, Fire
(16)  Mudslide, Armero, Columbia <sic>
(17)  Avalanche, Huascaran, Peru
(18)  Drought
(19)  Flash Flood, Loveland, Colorado
(20)  Great Blizzard of 1888, U.S. Eastern Seaboard
(21)  Lighning
(22)  Insect Plagues
(23)  Mont Pelee Eruption, Martinique
(24)  "Agnes" Flash Floods
(25)  Bangladesh Cyclone
(26)  East Pakistan Cyclone
(27)  Rapid City, South Dakota, Flood
(28)  Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Forest Fire
(29)  Canary Island Aircrash
(30)  African Famine
(31)  African Famine
(32)  St. John's, England, Train Wreck
(33)  Gander, Newfoundland, Aircrash
(34)  Mexico City Earthquake
(35)  The Hindenberg
(36)  The Titanic

 --   Great Disasters Shock Cards [Checklist]

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