Great Traders!

In February 2008, I removed the listings of Great Traders that I have happily 
dealt with, for four reasons. (1) I have not been trading much over the last few 
years myself, and the list is rather stale. All of the people were great, though!  
(2) Some of the people are no longer active traders either. (3) About half of 
the email and web addresses are no longer valid, and this has caused frustrations. 
(4) People are increasingly worried about having their email addresses displayed 
publicly. Though I should note that the addresses from this list are encoded in 
a way that didn't let them be recognized by the major web search engines or, 
worse, the robots that harvest valid emails to use for spamming.

Please feel free to contact me if any trader gives me as a reference, and I will 
be delighted to offer all deserved praise.

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