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Guinness Book of Records
Pro Set - 1992

Note:  Thanks to Philip Brazina for the update on promos, and to Todd Jordan's
Promo Card Encyclopedia & Price Guide for additional information!
(Nobody noticed that I had misspelled Guinness for the last five years, so I have
to forgive Pro Set for doing the same with their prototype ...)

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title

Facts & Feats

  1  The longest way 'round!
  2  Steaming ahead!
  3  A pretty penny to produce!
  4  Bubbling with enthusiasm!
  5  A parking nightmare!
  6  Two-wheeled monster!
  7  Jet-set giant!
  8  Quick as a flash!
  9  Double-decker domination!
 10  For highfliers in a hurry!
 11  Top-heavy transport!
 12  For the biggest woman!
 13  Blown out of proportion!
 14  Long haul wall!
 15  Taken for a ride!
 16  A match for any crowd!
 17  Biggest deal for old wheels!
 18  Heavens above!
 19  Mass inflation!
 20  Young Majesty!
 21  No way out!
 22  The biggest boomer!
 23  Biggest mind complex!
 24  Nuclear vision!
 25  Goes like a rocket!
 26  OFFICE-ially the largest!
 27  Golden oldie!
 28  Bridging quite a gap!
 29  Awe inspiralling!
 30  A high point in history!
 31  Arriving by express!
 32  The original big wing!
 33  Up, up and away!
 34  Money worth a fortune!
 35  That priceless smile!
 36  High-pitched price!
 37  A record record store!
 38  Elementary film role!
 39  Monster of the deep!
 40  First to leave Earth!
 41  Up and down the pole!
 42  All aboard for space!
 43  First lady of space!

Natural & Human World

 44  The biggest slowpoke!
 45  Our first ancestor?
 46  Smallest at large!
 47  One for the file!
 48  Miniature Miss!
 49  Head and shoulders above!
 50  Flowing locks!
 51  Fastest in the land!
 52  All meat and grizzle!
 53  Mini whinney!
 54  A fruitful harvest!
 55  A white wonder!
 56  Hardly a lapdog!
 57  Eye-bulgingly enormous!
 58  Winners by a long neck!
 59  Jumbo-sized mammal!
 60  Slithering to record lengths!
 61  Good g-reef!
 62  Distant stars!
 63  A real hot spot!
 64  Planets 2, Satellites 0!
 65  Oceans larger!
 66  Enorm-ICE!
 67  A rock record!
 68  The loneliest spot!
 69  A mountainous range!
 70  Always blowing its top!
 71  Survival of the loudest!
 72  Deadly creatures!
 73  Rabbit or rabette?
 74  Supersonic flyers!
 75  Eggstraordinary!
 76  Fin-tastic!
 77  Eight-legged monster!
 78  Six-legged Samson!
 79  Leaves you wondering!
 80  A belt-buster!
 81  A low high point!
 82  Very hard to catch!
 83  Head in the clouds!
 84  Double-big trouble!

Sports & Games

 85  A match for any batsman!
 86  The long run in!
 87  For high rollers only!
 88  Biggest field by far!
 89  Packing a champion punch!
 90  Bears on a roll!
 91  Highest diving platform!
 92  Blink and miss it!
 93  Nine-hole wonder!
 94  A whiz on wheels!
 95  World-beating hatrick!
 96  Getting her skates on!
 97  Heavy medalist!
 98  A flashy splasher!
 99  Once around the track!
100  One giant leap for man!


Sent to dealers in cello 3-pack, marked "Prototype - For Review Only"

---  Head and shoulders above!  [image from card 49]
---  The long run in!  [image from card 86]
---  Bubbling with enthusiasm!  [image from card 4]

Same front image as above, different back, not marked "Prototype,
misspelled as "Guiness"

 6   Head and shoulders above!  [Pro Set Gazette, Feb 1992 insert]

©1997-2000, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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