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Triumphs & Horrors of the Gulf War
Manning - 1991

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set, with a portion of the
proceeds donated to the Feinstein World Hunger Center of Brown University.
The regular release was preceded by a "test set," limited to a printing of 100
sets, that featured a gold star upon the blue card.  A boxed "promo set" with
gold-bordered cards had a print run of 500.  Thanks much to Michael Beam
for the update!

No.   Title

  1   Man of the Hour
  2   An Allied Tank Under Fire
  3   Greek Riot Police Clash with Protestors
  4   Demonstrators for Saddam
  5   Scud Damage in Saudi Arabia
  6   Israielis Brace for Scud Attacks
  7   Kuwaitis Demonstrate against Hussein
  8   Bombs Burst in Baghdad
  9   U.S. Barracks after a Scud Hit
 10   Refugee Camp Violence
 11   Israeli Woman Hit by Scud Attack
 12   A Time to Pray
 13   Scud Attacks Wreak Havoc
 14   Bombed Out Building in Baghdad
 15   Dead Iraqi Civilians
 16   Faith in God Survives
 17   Scuds Hit Israel Again
 18   Hungry Refugees Hoping for Food
 19   Israeli Women - Homeless but Alive
 20   Exploding Iraqi Bunker
 21   Captured in the Desert
 22   U.S. Marine with Iraqi Prisoner
 23   The Victor Leading the Vanquished
 24   Iraqi Prisoners Guarded by Kuwaitis
 25   Returning in Triumph
 26   Burned Bus & Iraqi Bodies
 27   The Face of Hell
 28   Wartime Horrors Spare No Creature
 29   Liberation Celebration
 30   Cheering the U.S. Troops
 31   Stoning Saddam
 32   An Iraqi Torture Victim
 33   A Gift for Her Savior
 34   Cheering Kuwaiti Children on Destroyed Tank
 35   The Ugly Face of Pollution
 36   Head of Our Victorious Forces
 37   At Last - Kuwait Freed
 38   The Winner and the Losers
 39   Charred Limbs Hang from Wrecked Truck
 40   After the War - Devastation Continues
 41   The Vice-President Speaks Out
 42   Hungry, Cold and Desperate
 43   Kurdish Refugees Clamoring for Food
 44   The Hideous Scars of War
 45   Starving Kurds Storm Bread Trailer
 46   New Life Surrounded by Death
 47   The Innocent Suffer and Die
 48   The Face of Death
 49   Refugees Devour Bread Crumbs
 50   Turned Back at the Turkish Border


Uncut Sheet

 --   (50-card panel)

©2001, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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