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Gumby Preview Set
Toon's Station - 2001

Notes:  Distribution was limited to 2500 sets worldwide. Thanks much to 
Kennywood for the update!

 No.     Card Text

  --     Gumby Preview Set - Inaugural Edition  [title card]

1 of 6   In 1953, Gumby the clayboy is 'born' to creator Art
2 of 6   Gumby is a role model for children. Gumby is enviro
3 of 6   Gumby and his pal Pokey love books and reading. Gum
4 of 6   Gumby's adversaries, The Blockheads have alphabet b
5 of 6   Gumby is pictured here with his parents, Gumbo and
6 of 6   Gumby's Band - The Clayboys - As Seen In The Gumby


  P1     Gumby 6-card Preview Set Available April 2001

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