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Hagar the Horrible
   Authentix - 1995

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set. It is easy to become confused by 
the chase cards, because the "silver foil" Signature set has Dik Browne's 
facsimile autograph in gold foil, and the "gold foil" Warfare set was found 
only in special "chase paks" within boxes.  We are not sure whether those 
chase packs were distributed throughout the print run, because they seem 
to be showing up less frequently than advertised. Thanks to Jim Goodwin 
and Sandy Vanzo for updates!

No.    Title

  1    Do you know what this means?
  2    We're going to invade Switzerland?
  3    Twack!
  4    Ahhh ... a valentine
  5    Any Luck? Yes!
  6    Any Luck? Yes!
  7    That creep just asked for a piña colada with a paper p
  8    Sounds good! Get me one, too!  Good choice
  9    (Beach blanket)
 10    (Beach rain)
 11    It's very lonely at the top
 12    (Peaked out)
 13    Also very uncomfortable
 14    Let's face it, Helga ... it's a man's world
 15    I noticed ...
 16    Nice to see you're getting your appetite back
 17    Oh, well ... tomorrow's another day
 18    He's digging a wine cellar
 19    A Viking can be comfortable anywhere
 20    I think it's letting up
 21    Look, mom!  *Sigh* That's how they start
 22    Hmmm ... what's this key ... and this ... Mama!!
 23    You're the best boat a guy ever had!
 24    Surprise!
 25    Trip!
 26    It's the famous Norwegian Hat Dance
 27    Oh, come on! We're not that heavy!!
 28    Everybody's skiing this year!
 29    (Bubbly)
 30    Let's get these wet clothes off and give you a nice, w
 31    How's that feel?  Ahhh ... great!
 32    And this will help those nasty aches and pains
 33    (Dragon snared)
 34    (Surf's up)
 35    (Desert island musings)
 36    (Warring perplexed)
 37    (Kemosabe)
 38    (Rough seas)
 39    (Pensive tippler)
 40    Swoosh!
 41    Oops!
 42    Pop!
 43    I win more battles this way
 44    (Puppy sharing)
 45    (Trunk race)
 46    (Trunk opening)
 47    Is it j ...
 48    ... ust me, or is it hot in ...
 49    ... here?
 50    Check List Card


Foil Signature Cards (1:6 packs)

AX 1
AX 2
AX 3
AX 4
AX 5

Gold Foil Warfare Cards (1:72 packs as set in "Authentix Chase Paks")

AX 1
AX 2
AX 3
AX 4
AX 5

Jumbo Card (1:360 packs)

 --    Jumbo Card

Autograph Cards

 --    (Kelly)
 --    (Original art; Dik Browne)

Uncut Sheet (available separately; hand-# to 100)

 --    (50-card sheet)


#1     (Hagar running; art by Dik Browne)

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