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Conspiracy Files of Dean Haglund
   MNS Cards - 2008

Notes: Thanks much to Isidre Prior Rizo for filling in all the gaps! Further information and scans are posted at the MNS website.
Box: 12 packs of 8 cards. 12 boxes/case, limited to 200 cases.
Common sets (45): approx. 1.87 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                             Subtitle

   1    Conspiracy Files of Dean Haglund
   2    Xalo'Xa                           Alien Leader
   3    VE-5233                           Alien Device
   4    Abduction                         39,000 Yearly Cases
   5    Gravity 8715                      Alien Implant
   6    Someone...                        Is Always Watching
   7    DN-12186                          Experiment
   8    F13917-X                          Experiment
   9    Counteraction                     Dna Virus Resolved?
  10    Watching                          Something Always Is
  11    Zo'xeRe                           Alien Overlord
  12    DNA                               DNA/Human
  13    Earth                             Final Destination
  14    No-Grav 24192                     Alien Implant
  15    Hmmm....                          Where Did I Park That Ufo?
  16    Case 27563                        Human Autopsy
  17    Annihilate                        To Fight or Die Trying
  18    Authority                         Who's Really In Charge?
  19    Zenol                             Alien Homeworld
  20    Vaxdon                            Alien Warlord
  21    Top Secret                        Classified Files
  22    Veon                              Warlord Homeworld
  23    Tecrealm                          Alien Homeworld
  24    Liftoff                           40673 Miles In Space
  25    UFO                               Experimentation
  26    Disorder                          Brought on By Aliens
  27    Insurrection                      Dean's Vision of Aliens
  28    Nodzor                            Alien Homeworld
  29    Iso                               Alien Commander
  30    Target                            Is In Sight
  31    To Destory                        Alien Initiative 51503
  32    Gravity                           Sucks Less on Alien Planets
  33    Aquaina                           54463 ft Below Her world
  34    Alien                             Interrogation
  35    Shootout                          Within a UFO
  36    Evidence                          Dean's Search Continues
  37    Alien                             Inspiration
  38    Raze                              Codename
  39    Ion Dna Crystal                   Alien Artifact
  40    Dean's                            Abduction
  41    Tropitech                         Step into Another World
  42    Alien Eye                         See What They See
  43    Investigation                     Alien Cloning
  44    Alien                             Conspiracy
  45    Hybrid 70710                      Alien & Human


Alien Tech Puzzle Cards (1:4 packs)

AT-1    Unknown UFO #543
AT-2    Unknown UFO #971
AT-3    Unknown UFO #298 <sic>
AT-4    Unkown UFO #624
AT-5    Unkown Virus #2897
AT-6    Unkown Virus #6587
AT-7    Unkown Virus #423
AT-8    Unkown  #433
AT-9    Unkown  #710

Alien DNA Cards (1:4 packs)

DNA-1   81.3304 MHz
DNA-2   81.3304 MHz
DNA-3   01.3000 MHz
DNA-4   31.3300 MHz
DNA-5   41.4340 MHz
DNA-6   01.1511 MHz
DNA-7   33.3333 MHz
DNA-8   81.3301 MHz
DNA-9   31.4341 MHZ

Evidence Cards (1:12 packs)

EC-1    (gray right eye)
EC-2    (Dean left eye)

Fingerprint Cards (1:12 packs)

FP-1    status unknown [High level Risk, Contact Area-82, intruder ale]
FP-2    status wanted
FP-3    status error
FP-4    status open
FP-5    status danger
FP-6    status computer hacker

Mystery Fingerprint Cards (1:12 packs)

MFP-1   Code MFP34P2
MFP-2   Code MFP120R6

Top Secret Puzzle Cards (1:6 packs)

TS-1    (puzzle top left)
TS-2    (puzzle top middle)
TS-3    (puzzle top right)
TS-4    (puzzle center left)
TS-5    (puzzle center)
TS-6    (puzzle center right)
TS-7    (puzzle bottom left)
TS-8    (puzzle bottom middle)
TS-9    (puzzle bottom right)

Autograph Cards

Auto-1  Dean Haglund (black glasses)
Auto-2  Dean Haglund (head shot on road)
Auto-3  Dean Haglund (two weapons)
Auto-4  Dean Haglund (green background)
Auto-5  Dean Haglund (small UFO)

Hair Cards (1:72 packs)

 HC1    (framing circle)
 HC2    (arms out)

Box-Loader Cards (1:12 packs)

 BL1    (left)
 BL2    (middle)
 BL3    (right)

Sketch Cards (1:144 packs; 200 made)

  --    (45-card panel)

Art Redemption Cards (1:480 packs; 5 made)

  --    (45-card panel)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

  --    (45-card panel)

PROMO CARDS - 2007, "Conspiracy Files of Dean Haugland" <sic>

 P1     (image similar to card 40)
 P2     (image similar to card 5)
 P3     (image similar to card 1)
 P4     (image similar to card 42)
 --     (dealer sell sheet)

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