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Hallowe'en - All Hallows' Eve
   Perna Studios - 2014

Notes: Thanks to Jordyne Jones for the updates! Further information and scans are posted at 
the Perna Studios DeviantArt page.

Set: 20 base, 1 clear frosted, 1 sketch. 467 sets made.

No.   Title              Artist

  1   Black Cat          Samantha Johnson
  2   Bogeyman           Matt Glebe
  3   Creepy Clown       Mike Rooth
  4   Deomons Ball       Richard Pace
  5   Devil              Mick Glebe
  6   Ghosts             Hanie Mohd
  7   Ghoul              Elaine Perna
  8   Grim Reaper        Ted Dastick Jr.
  9   Haunted House      Juri H. Chinchilla
 10   Hell Hound         Stacey Kardash
 11   Jack o'Lanterns    Mel Uran
 12   Mad Scientist      Stefanie Battalene
 13   Mummies            Eric McConnell
 14   Samhein            Molly Brewer
 15   Scarecrow          Stacey Kardash
 16   Skeletons          Sam Agro
 17   Trick or Treat!    Irma Ahmed
 18   Vampire            Lynne Anderson
 19   Werewolves         Jessica Hickman
 20   Witch              Francois Chartier


Color Clear Frosted Chase Cards (art by Tony Perna; 1:set)

 --   Ghoul
 --   Scarecrow
 --   Vampyre Lord
 --   Wolfman

Metal Variant Frosted Chase Cards (1:10 sets)

 --   (Ghoul)
 --   (Scarecrow)
 --   (Vampyre Lord)
 --   (Wolfman)

Double-Thick Metal Cards (23 of each made; art by Sean Pence)

 SP1  Day of the Dead (Red)
 SP2  Day of the Dead (Blue)

Black-and-White Variant Chase Cards (5 of each made)

 --   (Ghoul)
 --   (Scarecrow)
 --   (Vampyre Lord)
 --   (Wolfman)

Redemption Cards (# to 10)

 --   (Set of 4 Metal Variant color cards)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:set)

      Achilleas Kokkinakis
      Alexis Sarah Hill
      Amber Stone
      Amy Clark
      Amy Pronovost
      Anastasia Catris
      Babisu Kourtis
      Benjamin Glendenning
      Chris Meeks
      Craig Yeung
      Danielle Ellison
      Danielle Gransaull
      Don Pedicini Jr.
      Elaine Perna
      Eric McConnell
      Fabian Quintero
      Francois Chartier
      Hanie Mohd
      Ingrid Hardy
      Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
      Jake Sumbing
      Jason Saldajeno
      Jason Sobol
      Jessica Hickman
      John Monserrat
      Judd Abinuman
      Juri H. Chinchilla
      Kat Laurange
      Katie Cook
      Liz Chesterman
      Lynne Anderson
      Mel Uran
      Michael "Axebone" Potter
      Mick & Matt Glebe
      Molly Brewer
      Rhiannon Owens
      Richard Cox
      Sam Agro
      Samantha Johnson
      Sanna Umemento
      Sean Pence
      Seth Ismart
      Sha-Nee Williams
      Stacey Kardash
      Stefanie Battalene
      Ted Dastick Jr.
      Tony Perna


 P1   Witch - Lynne Anderson (Facebook, F.T.C.)
 P1   (metal variant)
 P2   Zombies - Amy Clark (Philly 60th Non-Sports Card Show)
 P2   (metal variant)
 P3   The Monster - Tony Perna (Philly 60th Non-Sports Card Show)
 P3   (metal variant)
 P4   Graveyard - Ingrid Hardy (San Diego Comic Con 2014)
 P4   (metal variant)
 P5   She-Devil - Eric McConnell (Fan Expo Canada)
 P5   (metal variant; contest card)

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©2014, 2016, 2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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