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Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards
   RRParks Cards - 2014

Notes: Card fronts feature vintage Halloween postcard art from the early 
1900s. They were distributed as a complete set in a pack.  Further information 
and scans are posted at the RRParks website.

 No.   Title / (Text)

   1   Hallowe'en
   2   A Halloween Greeting
   3   Wishing you a highly entertaining Hallowe'en
   4   (The three main Catholic Church festivals ...)
   5   Happy Hallowe'en - Hold your candle ...
   6   ('Halloween' entered the English language ...)
   7   All Halloween
   8   Strange sights are seen on Halloween
   9   Menu (devil)
  10   (And despite the holiday's tender age ...)

Foil Poster (5-1/2" x 3-1/2")

 --    Happy Halloween From the Ghouls at RRParks Cards

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