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Halloween 2016 Kickstarter Campaign Inserts
   RRParks Cards - 2016

Notes: A Halloween Kickstarter campaign included a variety of card sets, but also 
extra cards and bonus material. The sets are listed separately: Chronicles of The Grim 
Reaper Series 2, The Dungeons of Dr. Dreck 1st and 2nd Series, Monster Choke 'N 
Gag Series 3, and Halloween Trick or Treat Series 4. Thanks to John Biagioni for 
assistance! Further information and scans are posted at the RRParks website.

Limited Edition Etching Set (# to 40)

    No.    Title / Image          Artist

      1    (Frankenstein)         Lotte
      2    (Lagoon Monster)       Lotte
      3    (Werewolf)             Lotte
      4    (Mummy)                Lotte
      5    (Witch)                Lotte
      6    (Vampire)              Lotte
      7    (Hairy with teeth)     RRParks
      8    (snake skull)          RRParks

     --    Dead Man's Saloon [Halloween product box]

     --    Printing Plate Card [Grim Reaper II]
     --    Printing Plate Card [Grim Reaper II]

Promo 1    Happy Halloween [Monster Choke 'N Gag]
Promo 2    Happy Halloween [The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck]
Promo 3    Happy Halloween [Grim Reaper Series 2]
Promo 4    Happy Halloween [Trick or Treat Series 4]

Assorted Creatures and Candy Packages (others may have been inserted)

     --    (articluated skeleton)
     --    (skull pinky ring)
     --    (eyeball)
     --    Halloween Sukull and Bones Camdy
     --    Hubba Bubble Bubble Gum (2 pieces)
     --    (molded skeleton)
     --    (spider on gauze)
     --    Bazooka Bubble Gum (1 piece)
     --    Jelly Beans
     --    (gummie monster)

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