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Hammer Horror Entombed
   CMA - 2000

Notes: Set was originally distributed as a 74-card factory set, together with
either 'prize' or 'discount' cards for the Portrait Gallery and Art Cards, and
redemption cards for autographs seeded at 1 per 12 sets.  Thanks much to 
Dennis Skowronski for the original checklist and to Mark Pratt, Lee Scott,
David Rosciszewski, Dave Foster, and J. Gordon Melton for updates!

No.   Title

 --   Title Card (unnumbered)

  1   Plague of the Zombie
  2   Plague of the Zombie
  3   Plague of the Zombie
  4   Plague of the Zombie
  5   Plague of the Zombie
  6   Plague of the Zombie
  7   Plague of the Zombie
  8   Plague of the Zombie
  9   Plague of the Zombie
 10   The Reptile
 11   The Reptile
 12   The Reptile
 13   The Reptile
 14   The Reptile
 15   The Reptile
 16   The Reptile
 17   The Reptile
 18   The Reptile
 19   Captain Clegg
 20   Captain Clegg
 21   Captain Clegg
 22   Captain Clegg
 23   Captain Clegg
 24   Captain Clegg
 25   Captain Clegg
 26   Captain Clegg
 27   Captain Clegg
 28   Kiss of the Vampire
 29   Kiss of the Vampire
 30   Kiss of the Vampire
 31   Kiss of the Vampire
 32   Kiss of the Vampire
 33   Kiss of the Vampire
 34   Kiss of the Vampire
 35   Kiss of the Vampire
 36   Kiss of the Vampire

Damsels in Darkness

 37   Veronica Carlson
 38   Veronica Carlson
 39   Veronica Carlson
 40   Caroline Munro
 41   Caroline Munro
 42   Caroline Munro
 43   Hazel Court
 44   Hazel Court
 45   Hazel Court
 46   Barbara Shelley
 47   Barbara Shelley
 48   Barbara Shelley
 49   Ingrid Pitt
 50   Ingrid Pitt
 51   Ingrid Pitt
 52   Madeline Smith
 53   Madeline Smith
 54   Madeline Smith

Masters of Moonlight

 55   Patrick Thoughton
 56   Patrick Thoughton
 57   Patrick Thoughton
 58   Michael Ripper
 59   Michael Ripper
 60   Michael Ripper
 61   Ralph Bates
 62   Ralph Bates
 63   Ralph Bates
 64   Dave Prowse
 65   Dave Prowse
 66   Dave Prowse

Hammer House of Horror, The TV Show

 67   The Thirteenth Reunion
 68   Gaurdian <sic> of the abyss
 69   Witching Time
 70   A Carpathian Eagle
 71   Charlie Boy
 72   Guardian of the Abyss

 --   Checklist (unnumbered)


Actress Portrait Gallery Signature Cards

 S1   Barbara Shelley
 S2   Ingrid Pitt
 S3   Madeline Smith
 S4   Veronica Carlson
 S5   Caroline Munro
 S6   Hazel Court

Actor Portrait Gallery Signature Cards

S7    Patrick Thoughton
S8    Michael Ripper
S9    Ralph Bates
S10   Dave Prowse
S11   Peter Cushing
S12   Christopher Lee

Houses that Hammer Built Art Cards

Art1  The Chateau Weinster:  Opening Titles Shot from The Brides of Dracula
Art2  The Chateau Ravna:  Painting for 3D model and film cut from Kiss of the Vampire
Art3  The Castle Frankenstein:  Painting for 3D model and film cut from The Evil of Frankenstein

Redemption Cards (1 per 12 sets)

 FR   redemption card for Female Autograph
 MR   redemption card for Male Autograph
 HR   redemption card for a set of the 3 Houses that Hammer Built Art Cards

Discount Cards

 FD   discount card for set of Female Foil Signature cards
 MD   discount card for set of Male Foil Signature cards
 HD   discount card for a set of the 3 Houses that Hammer Built Art Cards

Pop-up Card

 --   TombRiser

Autograph Cards

 --   Veronica Carlson
 --   Mary & Madeleine Collinson
 --   Ed DeSouza
 --   Yvonne Monlaur
 --   Mary Collinson
 --   Madeleine Collinson

Convention Autograph Card (Memorabilia '99)

 --   Jacqueline Pearce in "La Femme Reptile" (# to 200; 4" x 5-1/2")
 --   (unsigned versions of above)

Correction Sheet

    The back of S5 Caroline Munro card has the text "Hammer intended to 
    showcase Veronica..." instead of Caroline. A mini 2.5" x 3.5" paper 
    sheet was produced by CMA detailing the error but we don't know if these 
    were included in the boxes or sent out to original purchasers.

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 P1   (sarcophagus)
 P2   (holding lantern)
 --   (pop-up card)
 --   Don't Scream! (dealer promo postcard; 5-3/8" x 3-3/8")

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