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Hammer Horror IV: Behind the Screams
River Wye - 2004

Notes:  Primarily distributed as a sealed factory set, including 72 base cards 
and 1 or 2 rare inserts. Thanks much to Dave Foster for the set!

No.   Title

   Big Brass

  1   William (Hammer) Hinds - Founder
  2   Anthony Hinds
  3   James Carreras
  4   Queens Award at Pinewood Studios
  5   ...
  6   Puzzle Picture
  7   Premier - Warner Theatre
  8   Anthony Nelson Keys - Associate Producer/Producer/General manager
  9   The Queen's Award - April 1968

   The Stages

 10   Bray Studios - Village Set
 11   Bray Studios, 1965
 12   The Evil of Frankenstein Set
 13   Captain Clegg
 14   The Mummy
 15   The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
 16   Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
 17   Plague of the Zombies
 18   The Evil of Frankenstein


 19   Roy Ashton - 1909-1995
 20   Phantom of the Opera - Herbert Lomm as Petrie/The Phantom
 21   Curse of the Werewolf - Richard Wordsworth as The Beggar
 22   Quatermass Xperiment - Richard Wordswirtg as Victor Carroon
 23   The Unknown - Make-up Phil Leakey
 24   The Gorgon - Make-up Roy Ashton
 25   Curse of the Werewolf
 26   Vampire Bites. - Roy Ashton's tin of Vampire bites
 27   Hammer's Blood - Two bottles of Hammers legendary blood.


 28   Dr Van Helsings - Bag of Tricks
 29   Dr Jekyl & Sister Hyde - Ralph Bates' Ceremonial Dagger
 30   Guardian of the Abyss - Hammer House of Horror - TV Series
 31   Heads - The Plague of the Zombies - Curse of Frankenstein
 32   The Horror of Frankenstein - Dave Prowse - Shackles
 33   The Clasp - Taste the Blood of Dracula

   Off the Set

 34   Frankenstein Created Woman - Principal photography 1966
 35   The Mummy - Eddie Powell
 36   Andre Morell - Hound of the Baskervilles. Hammer 1959
 37   The Horror of Frankenstein - Publicity Shot
 38   Curse of the Werewolf - Oliver Reed and Justin Walters
 39   Dracula - Tomb for Tea
 40   The Plague of the Zombies - Bray Studios
 41   The Curse of Frankenstein - Monster Canteen
 42   Hammer's Greatest Duo - Sharing a joke
 43   Hound of the Baskervilles. - Christopher Lee and Maria Landi
 44   Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
 45   Dracula A.D. 1972 - Elstree Studios - September 1971


 46   Freddie Francis - Director/Cinematographer
 47   Roy Ward Baker - The Production of The Anniversary
 48   Val Guest - Writer/Director
 49   John Gilling - Writer/Director
 50   Jimmy Sangster - Writer, Director, Producer
 51   Peter Sykes - Demons of the Mind with Yvonne Mitchell
 52   Don Sharp - Rehearsal Christopher Lee (Rasputin)
 53   Michael Carreras - (Executive Producer/Director)
 54   Hands of the Ripper - Director - Peter Sasdy

   On the Set

 55   Dracula Prince of Darkness - Susan Farmer and Christopher Lee
 56   Phantom of the Opera - Principal Photography 1961-1962
 57   The Curse of Frankenstein - Focus pulling at Bray Studios
 58   Hands of the Ripper - Principal Photography 1971
 59   The Plague of the Zombies - Bray Studios Cemetery
 60   Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
 61   Phantom of the Opera - Bray Studios 1961
 62   Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell - Principal Photography
 63   She - On Location - Southern Israel


 64   Valerie Leon
 65   Yvonne Monlaur
 66   Susan Denberg
 67   Olinka Berova
 68   Barbara Ewing
 69   Julie Edge

 70   Post Production - Music
 71   Credits & Acknowledgements
 72   Checklist


Transition Rare Cards

 1a   She.
 1b   She.
 1c   She.

 2a   Frankenstein.
 2b   Frankenstein.
 2c   Frankenstein.

 3a   Phantom of the Opera.
 3b   Phantom of the Opera.
 3c   Phantom of the Opera.

 4a   The Man Who Cheated Death
 4b   The Man Who Cheated Death
 4c   The Man Who Cheated Death

 5a   The Mummy.
 5b   The Mummy.
 5c   The Mummy.

Magazine Tribute Ultra-Rare Cards

 T1   Hammer Horror Magazine
 T2   The House of Hammer Magazine
 T3   Dark Terrors Magazine

Rare Prize Cards

 R1   Congratulations... (One Free 'Transition' sub-set)
 R2   Congratulations... (Two Free 'Transition sub-sets)
 R3   Congratulations... (One Free 'Magazine Tribute' Ultra rare sub-set)


 P1   Coming Soon (She)
 P2   Coming Soon (Phantom of the Opera)

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