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Hamtaro: Series 2
Artbox - 2003

Notes:  This set is also marketed as a collectible card game, because it has
cards and there are games arranged around the cards. I described the cards
with the text or scene shown on the "map-side.".

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approximately 3.52 per box.

 No.    "Map Side" Card Text / Scene

 031    Camp Site
 032    Chick-ah Chick-ah Tunnel
 033    Chick-ah Chick-ah Island
 034    Beach House
 035    (Beach)
 036    (Bottle, lobsters, cycle)
 037    (Cloud snooze)
 038    Spaceship
 039    Laundry
 040    Jingle's Place
 041    Hot Springs Station / Timetable
 042    Cave / Subway Map
 043    Landy Park
 044    Welcome to Ham-Ham Beach
 045    (Playground, book)
 046    Airplane / Dexter / Howdy
 047    Marshmallow Castle
 048    Rocket
 049    (Cottage, sunglasses, cloud)
 050    (Frogs on dog's back)
 051    Welcome to ham-Ham town, home of the hamsters.
 052    (Crossroads)
 053    Candy Park
 054    Ham (Flying, balcony)
 055    Candies
 056    Sunflower Garden
 057    This Way Up!
 058    (Gardening, acorns)
 059    (Hospital, park)
 060    Pashmina's Place

  --    How to play with the face/map side! (pack insert)
  --    Hamtaro Trading Card Collectibles Order Form (pack insert)


Rare Cards (Hobby packs)

R005    Dexter
R006    Maxwell
R007    Sandy
R008    Stan

Ultra-Rare Card (Hobby packs)

UR02    Jingle

Rare Cards (Retail packs)

SR004   Cappy
SR005   Panda
SR006   Auntie Viv Elder-Ham


HP001   (Hamsters around the world)
HP002   (Hamsters in the field)

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