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Hanna-Barbera Magic Trick Cards
   Wonder Bread - 1974

Notes: These cards were distributed in bread packages. Card fronts show popular 
TV cartoon characters with captions, while card backs display a magic trick with 
a similar theme to the card front.

No.   Magic Trick                      Character(s)                   Series                             Caption

  1   Disappearing Finger Trick        Chet                           Wait Till Your Father Gets Home    Now... Here's the tip-off!
  2   The X-Ray Glasses                Pugsley / Cousin Itt           The Addams Family                  Can you see through this? Are you kidding?
  3   The Mysterious Moving Book       Curley Neal / B. J. Mason      The Harlem Globetrotters           You better not run out of breath, man!
  4   Mind-Reading MagicYou            Curley Neal / "Geese" Ausbie   The Harlem Globetrotters           Can you read my mind? Naw... it's too shiny!
  5   The "Newspaper Stand"            J. C. Gipson                   The Harlem Globetrotters           I'm just a l'il paper weight
  6   The Bottoms-Up Glasses           Shaggy / Velma                 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!         Duh.... Is this glass right-side up? No!
  7   The Disappearing Watch           Harry / Jamie                  Wait Till Your Father Gets Home    Whaddaya doing wearing my watch? What watch?
  8   The Color Caper                  Goober                         Goober and the Ghost Chasers       Color me anything!
  9   The See-Through Cup              Lurch                          The Addams Family                  Here's one way to see what's under that cup!
 10   The Slick Arithmetic Trick       Katie / Glump                  Valley of the Dinosaurs            1+9+8=  XVIII
 11   The Balancing Soda Bottle        Tana / Lok                     Valley of the Dinosaurs            Look, Lok... a bottle! What's a bottle?
 12   The Come-Hither Dime             Fred                           Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!         Coming, Boss!!
 13   A Hatful of Cards                Gilly / Ted                    Goober and the Ghost Chasers       How do you flip cards into a hat? First, take your head out of it!
 14   You've Got Their Number          Pablo Robertson                The Harlem Globetrotters           Any number can play
 15   T "Super Straw"                  Stegosaurus                    Valley of the Dinosaurs            I'm the straw that broke the camel's back!!
 16   The Paper Bridge                 Meadowlark / Granny            The Harlem Globetrotters           I just love playing bridge!!
 17   Wacky Arithmetic                 Debbie / Tinker                Speed Buggy                        Half of eleven is six? Sure... The bigger half!
 18   The Magic Square                 Ted                            Goober and the Ghost Chasers       I wasn't cut out to be a square!
 19   Hocus Pocus with Mirrors         Fester                         The Addams Family                  Hello! Hello!
 20   The Magic Seesaw                 J. C. Gipson / Granny          The Harlem Globetrotters           Push down! I am pushing down!!
 21   The Brush-Proof Penny            Granny / Cousin Itt            The Addams Family                  Why brush your money away? I don't have a comb!
 22   The Amazing Hard-Boiled "Top"    Tyrannosaurus                  Valley of the Dinosaurs            Hi, Mom!
 23   The Flip-Flop Dime               Daphne / Scooby                Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!         Heads or tails, Scooby? Tails, natch!
 24   The Stand-Up Egg                 Chet / Jamie                   Wait Till Your Father Gets Home    How do I make this egg stand by itself? Ask a chicken, stupid!
 25   The Diving Seed                  Katie / Greg                   Valley of the Dinosaurs            What's the seed doing in there? The breast stroke!

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