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Hannah Montana (sticker cards)
   Topps - 2008

Notes: Blister packs were not distributed by Topps, but were packaged by 
Fairfield for the secondary market. (Topps manufactured the exclusive foils.) 
Thanks to Dave Strohmenger for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 7 sticker-cards. 8 boxes per case
Common sets: approx. 1.60 per box if collation were perfect.
Blister packs: 4 packs + 2 exclusive foils.

    No.    Title / Description

      1    Hannah Montana
      2    Miley
      3    Robby Ray Stewart
      4    Jackson Stewart
      5    Lilly Turscott
      6    Oliver Oken
      7    Roxy
      8    Jake Ryan
      9    Jake & Miley
     10    Fans & Friends
     11    Girl Trouble
     12    What Lola Wants
     13    Study Break
     14    Sibling Rivals
     15    Jackson's Day
     16    Daddy's Little Girl is Growing Up
     17    My Best Friend's Birthday
     18    Musical Sweaters
     19    Tent Mate Trouble
     20    Scary Campfire Stories
     21    Camp Champ
     22    All in a Day's Work
     23    Did You Call Me A Chicken?
     24    Matchmaker Miley
     25    Packing Help
     26    Superstar Daddy
     27    Like Father, Like Daughter
     28    Surprise Skin Problem
     29    Billboard Buster
     30    Breakout Performance
     31    Doing the Do
     32    Hannah the Zombie
     33    Dancing with a Star
     34    Jackson got Prank'd
     35    Recording Session
     36    Breaking & Entering
     37    Close, but Not Quite
     38    Mirror, Mirror
     39    Scary Stewarts
     40    Hannahween
     41    Sign Language
     42    Driving Down a Bad Road
     43    Slammin' Awards Show
     44    Dancing Brother
     45    Hannah's New Boyfriend
     46    Cat Party
     47    Wilderness Survivor
     48    Dream Ride
     49    Make a Moose
     50    Locker Doctor
     51    Churning Sensation
     52    Fighting Friends
     53    Silver Boot Award
     54    Silent Treatment
     55    Midterm Mayhem
     56    Global Model
     57    Sick Day
     58    Bucky Kentucky
     59    Tabled
     60    Party Time
     61    Caught Cold
     62    Motocross Superstar
     63    Wig City
     64    Miley's Boyfriend is Back
     65    A Stand Up Guy
     66    Knight in Shining Armor
     67    Public Make Up
     68    Jake, I'm Hannah
     69    Not the Right One
     70    Cheesy Jerky
     71    Here's Hannah!
     72    Did You Hear?
     73    Can You Help Me Out of This One?
     74    Lola & Hannah
     75    The Camera Loves Her
     76    Action Jackson
     77    Lovin' Her Fans
     78    Oliver & Lilly
     79    Guardian Roxy
     80    Rockin' The House
     81    The Three Musketeers
     82    Sing it, Girlfriend
     83    Brothers, Who Needs 'Em?
     84    Glamour Girl
     85    School Drama
     86    Listen to Your Daddy
     87    BFFs
     88    Jumpin' Jackson!
     89    America's Sweetheart
     90    Hannah Montana / Checklist


Mega Stickers (1:2 packs)

 1 of 10   (puzzle top left)
 2 of 10   (puzzle top middle)
 3 of 10   (puzzle top right)
 4 of 10   (puzzle center left)
 5 of 10   (puzzle center)
 6 of 10   (puzzle center right)
 7 of 10   (puzzle bottom left)
 8 of 10   (puzzle bottom middle)
 9 of 10   (puzzle bottom right)
10 of 10   (completed puzzle)

Foil Stickers (1:3 packs)

    F1     (red leather, mic at right)
    F2     (gray beaded bird top)
    F3     (sunburst top, right fist)
    F4     (sunburst top, "shhh")
    F5     (red leather, mic forward)
    F6     (red leather, leaning forward)
    F7     (red leather, left arm in front)
    F8     (white top, left hand on thigh)
    F9     (red leather, left hand on hip)
    F10    (green top)

Glitter Stickers (1:6 packs)

    G1     (Hannah red over white)
    G2     (Hannah light green over white)
    G3     (Miley red over white, hand on hip)
    G4     (Hannah yellow over white)
    G5     (Hannah red sweater, standing)
    G6     (Miley green top and jeans skirt)
    G7     (Miley green string top and khakis)
    G8     (Miley blue top over pink)
    G9     (Hannah red, right hand out)
    G10    (Hannah red, right side forward)

Blister-Exclusive Foils (2:Blister pack)

    F2     Miley
    F7     Rockin' the House

Boxed Gift Set (sold separately)

     --    (90 base cards)
     --    (10 Mega stickers)

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©2008, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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