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Happy Days
   Topps - 1976

Notes: Card backs are puzzle pieces. Many thanks to Andrew Holderness for 
the original list!

Box: 36 packs of cards + 1 sticker + bubble gum.

No.   Title

  1   A Chick Is Like a Phone... Easy to Pick Up
  2   Richie - You're Such a Turkey
  3   Potzy, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
  4   The President Can't Speak to the Fonz/
  5   Cool Is a Dying Art!
  6   Some Date - We Actually Watched the Movie!
  7   Easy Girls, One at a Time!
  8   These Kids Today - They Dress Like Clowns!
  9   These Are the Kookiest Basketball Uniforms!
 10   Sorry Mom - No Kissing! What Would Fonzie Think?
 11   Fonzie - The Coolest Thing on Wheels!
 12   Aaaay!
 13   Aaaay! - You're Achin' for a Breakin'!
 14   Fixing Up Hot Rods Is a Real Gas!
 15   Take It from the Fonz - Cool Is the Rule!
 16   If I Were a Disc Jockey I'd Get Some Respect!
 17   Sorry Richie - Buy Your Own Hoola Hoop!
 18   Girls Are Like Vanilla Shakes - Delicious!
 19   I've Got a Date with a Cheerleader - Six Months from Saturday!
 20   Here Comes Da Fonz!
 21   You're Cruisin' for a Bruisin'!
 22   You're Not The Dragons - You Guys Are Just Drags!
 23   Now for the $64,000 Question - What's a Nerd?
 24   Have No Fear - The Fonz Is Here!
 25   Ice Cream at Arnold's Is Not a Date!
 26   This Whole Family Is "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'"!
 27   Eat Your Heart Out, Elvis!
 28   Richie Is Like an Apple - Rotten to the Core!
 29   Whoa!
 30   No Date for Saturday Night - It's Enough to Drive Me to Drink!
 31   Chalk Up Another One for the Fonz!
 32   These Kids Are Cool - But They Can't Charleston!
 33   But a Boy Wants to Go Out with a Young Lady - Not a Center Fielder!
 34   I've Got Class - And Not the Kind You Get In School!
 35   I Just Met The Girl of My Dreams - She's the New Cook at Arnold's!
 36   To Be Cool or Not to Be Cool...!
 37   I'll Have 6 Burgers and 3 Shakes - Hold the Fries... I'm on a Diet!
 38   Love Is a Sweet Experience - Just Like Ice Cream!
 39   You Can't Beat the Fonz!
 40   This Motor Just Isn't Cool!
 41   I Can't Fix Your Car, Guys! You'd Be Better Off with an Edsel!
 42   If You Had My Looks, Fonzie, Chicks Would Be No Problem!
 43   Watch Out Chicks! The Fonz Is Dressed to Kill!
 44   Big Wheels for the Big Wheel!


  1   The Dynamic Duo
  2   Sit on It!
  3   The King of Kool!
  4   Happy Daze
  5   Lock the Fridge, Here Comes Potzie!
  6   We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight!
  7   Don't Be a Fool... Stay Cool!
  8   The Fonz Wants You!
  9   Fonzie Forever
 10   It's Not Just the Jacket - It's Who's In It!
 11   Calling Mr. C!

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