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Scott Harben Art Cards
   Scott Harben - 2012-2014

Notes: These art cards were generally distributed at shows, including San Diego 
Comic Con, and have a space on the back for the artist's signature. Thanks to 
David Rosciszewski for assistance!

No.   Title                  Source

  1   Captain America        Captain America #1
  2   Wonder Woman           All Star Comics #8
  3   Han Solo               Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope
  4   Darth Talon            Star Wars: Legacy Broken, Part 1
  5   The Red Skull
  6   Wonder Woman
  7   Black Lantern Batman
  8   Slave Leia
  9   Catwoman               Batman #1
 10   Cyborg Maul            Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
 11   The Hulk               The Incredible Hulk #1
 12   Ms. Marvel             Marvel Super-Heroes #13
 13   Supergirl              Superman #123
 14   Iron Patriot           Dark Avengers #1
 15   Yoda                   Star Wars Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back
 16   Hawkgirl               Flash Comics #1
 17   Iron Man
 18   Thanos
 19   Batwoman
 20   Darth Vader
 21   Jango Fett             Star Wars Episode II
 22   Chewbacca              Star Wars Episode IV
 23   Deadpool               New Mutants
 24   Obi-Wan Kenobi         Star Wars Episode IV
 25   Thor                   Journey Into Mystery #83
 26   Batman                 Detective Comics # 2014
 27   Black Panther          Fantastic Four #52
 28   Ahsoka Tano            Star Wars The Clone Wars
 29   Shaak Ti               Star Wars Episode  2014
 30   Superman               Action Comics #1

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