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Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos & Trading Cards
   Savvi - 2007

Notes: I'm not sure about the numbering for the cards in most of the packs, 
each of which holds five larger tattoos and the corresponding cards. Many 
of the same tattoos are featured in different combinations in Series Two. 
Packs for Series One have wrapper titles in solid foil, with no "Made in 
the USA" at the wrapper top-right border.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards and 5 temporary tattoos.
Common sets: 4 per box.

No.   Title'

   Devil Pack

      Exotic Geisha
      Chinese Lion
      California Rose
      Summer Butterfly
      Burning Cobra

   Dragon Pack

      Blue Peacock
      Death Rose
      Love Anchor
      True Love

   Skull Pack

 11   Butterfly Grace
 12   Black Widow
 13   Black Rose
 14   Flying Panther
 15   Rose Skull

   Love Kills Pack

      Spirited Koi
      Bad Bulldog
      Pierced Heart
      Dedicated Love

   Roaring Tiger Pack

      Roaring Tiger
      Love Kills
      Buzzy Bee
      Blue Dragon

   Fairy Girl Pack

      Ed Hardy
      Poison Dagger
      Love Me
      Winged Ghost
      Mom & Dad

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