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Ed Hardy Tattoos & Collector Cards - Series Two
(Impulse Packs)
   Savvi - 2010?

Notes: Each pack holds five larger tattoos and the corresponding cards. Many 
of the same tattoos are featured in different combinations in Series One. 
Boxes are marked "Series Two" but packs can be distinguished from the 
other series with titles in light colors and the marking "Made in the USA" 
at the wrapper upper-right border. Many thanks to Terry Russell for the 

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards and 5 temporary tattoos.
Common sets: 4 per box.

No.   Title

   Bee Baby Pack

 01   Bee Baby
 02   Gold Koi
 03   Love is a Gamble
 04   Skull & Roses
 05   The Dragon Head

   Love Kills Slowly Pack

 06   Love Kills Slowly
 07   The Confusion Eagle
 08   Tiger Head
 09   NYC Gorilla & Woman
 10   The Las Vegas Dagger

   '77 Eagle Pack

 11   '77 Eagle
 12   Leaping Koi
 13   Chinese Lion '73
 14   Monkey
 15   Catcher

   Beautiful Ghost Pack

 16   Beautiful Ghost
 17   Geisha '67
 18   Pierced Hearts '95
 19   Hollywood Wolf
 20   Dragon Lightning

   Panther Head Pack

 21   Panther Head
 22   The Woman & Skull
 23   The Chinese Lion
 24   Death or Glory
 25   White Tiger & Fire

   Bulldog King Pack

 26   Bulldog King
 27   Cobra & Roses
 28   The Octopus & Skull
 29   Love Eternal
 30   Lotus & Waves

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