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Harlem Globetrotters
   Fleer / Cocoa Puffs - 1971

Notes: These cards are a subset of the cards in the larger Fleer general-release 
series, but bear the Cocoa Puffs logo and the different numbering. Most cards 
also show facsimile signatures. They were distributed in 4-card cellophane 
packages within the cereal boxes.

    No.    Title                               Description

 1 of 28   Ausbie and Neal                     water barrel
 2 of 28   Neal and Meadowlark                 defending layup
 3 of 28   Meadowlark is Safe at the Plate!    3 standing, sliding
 4 of 28   Meadowlark to Neal to Ausbie        balls rolling over shoulders
 5 of 28   Mel Davis and Bill Meggett          leapfrog
 6 of 28   Ausbie, Meadowlark, and Neal        arms over shoulders
 7 of 28   1970-71 Highlights                  3 stars
 8 of 28   Mel Davis and "Curly" Neal          who's taller?
 9 of 28   Meadowlark, Neal and Ausbie         3 standing
10 of 28   Curley, Meadowlark and Mel          help with dunk
11 of 28   Football Routine                    front line at hike
12 of 28   1970-71 Highlights                  2 twirlers
13 of 28   Pablo "Pabs" Robertson              ball on floor
14 of 28   Bobby Joe Mason                     ball at hip
15 of 28   Pablo "Pabs" Robertson              ball above back
16 of 28   Clarence Smith                      3 balls between legs
17 of 28   Clarence Smith                      dribbling on floor
18 of 28   Hubert "Geese" Ausbie               twirling ball
19 of 28   Hubert "Geese" Ausbie               dribbling 1 front, 1 back
20 of 28   Bobby Hunter                        ball approaching butt
21 of 28   Bobby Hunter                        ball through legs
22 of 28   Meadowlark Lemon                    twirling, kicking, holding; gray
23 of 28   Freddy "Curly" Neal                 balls as ears, sitting on 1
24 of 28   Freddy "Curly" Neal                 balls on head
25 of 28   Freddy "Curly" Neal                 easel
26 of 28   Meadowlark Lemon                    presenting 2 balls
27 of 28   Mel Davis                           holding ball out
28 of 28   Freddy "Curly" Neal                 smiling portrait

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