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SkyBox - 1994

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set containing 90 cards and one patch. Also 
produced was a "Lifestyles Album Collection" including album, engraved metal 
card "Silent Gray Fellow," four 3-D chromium cards, four patches, and certificate.
The set is subtitled "Tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces." Thanks much to Tammy 
Alexandre, John Velek, Marcia Fanchin, and Al Widrowicz for updates!

No.   Title                             Type

 1    1st Harley-Davidson Headquarters  Heritage
 2    Imagination Sparks an Enterprise  Heritage
 3    Aermacchi Sprints                 Heritage
 4    First Production Model            Heritage
 5    Crafted with Pride                Heritage
 6    Special Delivery                  Heritage
 7    1930s Showroom                    Heritage
 8    American Spirit                   Heritage
 9    Big Fish                          Heritage
10    No Parking                        Heritage
11    First Yank in Germany             Heritage
12    Active Duty                       Heritage
13    Iron Ponies                       Heritage
14    Postwar Picnic                    Heritage
15    '60s Sportster                    Heritage
16    Back to Nature                    Heritage
17    Flower Power                      Heritage
18    Gotta Scoot                       Heritage
19    1913 HD Single                    Classics
20    Classic Sidevan                   Classics
21    Ready To Roll                     Classics
22    1951 WL -- One Owner              Classics
23    Belt Drive Plus Pedals            Classics
24    Classic Clothes                   Classics
25    Stylishly Modern                  Classics
26    1930s VL                          Classics
27    Red Hot                           Classics
28    Sidecars for Sidekicks            Classics
29    The Glamorous Duo-Glide           Classics
30    Striking a Balance                Classics
31    Chrome Adds Character             Classics
32    Extraordinary Electra-Glide       Classics
33    Green Machine                     Classics
34    Young Enthusiasts                 Harley-Davidson People
35    Along for the Ride                Harley-Davidson People
36    Harley Garb                       Harley-Davidson People
37    Top Dog                           Harley-Davidson People
38    Two for the Road                  Harley-Davidson People
39    Hog Wild                          Harley-Davidson People
40    Ride the Wind                     Harley-Davidson People
41    Road Stories                      Harley-Davidson People
42    Kickstarting a Panhead            Harley-Davidson People
43    Harley the Dog                    Harley-Davidson People
44    From Luxemburg to South Dakota    Harley-Davidson People
45    Diehard Enthusiast                Harley-Davidson People
46    American Salute                   Harley-Davidson People
47    Customized 1949 FL                Harley-Davidson People
48    Matching Paint                    Harley-Davidson People
49    Natural Evolution                 Harley-Davidson People
50    Bon Jour, Sturgis                 Harley-Davidson People
51    Rally Souvenirs                   Harley-Davidson People
52    Whiskers in the Wind              Harley-Davidson People
53    Big Time in a Small Town          Harley-Davidson People
54    Gleaming Machines                 Harley-Davidson People
55    American Dream                    Harley-Davidson People
56    American Tour                     Harley-Davidson People
57    Harley Women Founder              Harley-Davidson People
58    Women Riders                      Harley-Davidson People
59    Holy Cow                          Harley-Davidson People
60    Musclepower                       Harley-Davidson People
61    Lean and Green or Tangerine       Harley-Davidson People
62    Family Legacy                     Harley-Davidson People
63    Chromed Cruiser                   Custom
64    Bright Fat Boy                    Custom
65    Wildest Imagination               Custom
66    Custom Cow                        Custom
67    Raked Out to the Extreme          Custom
68    Lightning Bolt                    Custom
69    Fired Up                          Custom
70    Free Expression                   Custom
71    Machine Man                       Custom
72    Cat's Meow                        Custom
73    Wild West Show                    Custom
74    Flashy Wheels                     Custom
75    Racing Thunder                    Custom
76    Curly Harley                      Custom
77    Blue Ridge Parkway                The Ride
78    Daytona                           The Ride
79    Black Hills                       The Ride
80    Badlands                          The Ride
81    Montana                           The Ride
82    Mt Rushmore                       The Ride
83    South West of Rapid City          The Ride
84    Grand Tetons                      The Ride
85    San Diego                         The Ride
86    The Wrecking Crew                 Harley-Davidson Racing
87    Harley Racing                     Harley-Davidson Racing
88    Number One                        Harley-Davidson Racing
89    Speedy Comeback                   Harley-Davidson Racing
90    Checklist


Embroidered Patches (1 per pack)

--    US Armed Forces
--    Harley-Davidson USA (logo, with wings to sides)
--    Live to Ride, Ride to Live (eagle carrying ribbon)

--    Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles (shield with wings upward)
--    Est. USA 1903 (eagle holding up scroll)

      As far as we can tell, the first of this last group was found in packs
      but was replaced by the second item for the factory sets.

Embossed Cards (1:18 packs)

EC1   1939 Model EL
EC2   1946 Model WL
EC3   1951 Model FL
EC4   1963 FL Duo-Glide

PROMO CARDS (Lifestyles Collection)

--    (Unnumbered chromium, 2different)
--    (Promo sheet)
--    (4-up panel, serially numbered)

©2001, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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