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Harry and the Hendersons
   Topps - 1987

Notes: Stickers are usually not considered to be part of the basic set, due to their 
comparative scarcity. All stickers have puzzle backs except for 12 and 13, which 
picture the completed red-border puzzle. Many thanks to Sean Wright for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 4.21 per box if collation were perfect;
Sticker sets: approx. 1.64 per box.

No.   Title

 1    Title Card
 2    "Harry"
 3    George Henderson
 4    Nancy Henderson
 5    Teenager Sarah Henderson
 6    Young Ernie Henderson
 7    Dr. Wrightwood
 8    The Hunter, Lafleur
 9    Nosey Neighbor, Irene
10    George's Dad
11    Ernie's "First Kill"!
12    Oh My Gosh ... What Is It?
13    He's Alive!
14    Lafleur on the Trail!
15    Spooky Sounds
16    Hairy Friend ... or Foe?
17    Yum, Yum ... Tastes Good!
18    Sarah Gets Riled!
19    Teaching Harry How To Sit!
20    Whoops!
21    Whose House Is It, Anyway?
22    Tanks Alot!
23    Something's Fishy!
24    No Way To Treat an Old Friend!
25    George Strikes Back!
26    I Can't Shoot Him!
27    "George, Company's Here!"
28    "Don't Think I'm Crazy, But It's Bigfoot!"
29    Hide in the Cellar!
30    Sniff! Sniff! Yuck!!!
31    Just Getting a Little Exercise!
32    There's Something About You I Like!
33    Hi, Little Guy!
34    What To Do About Harry
35    Care for a Bite?
36    Harry, the Couch Potato!
37    More Munchies, Please!
38    "We Can't Keep Him, Son!"
39    Lafleur at the Henderson Store
40    In Search of Dr. Wrightwood
41    The Bigfoot Museum
42    Bigfoot Biggie
43    Harry Meets Society!
44    That's Not My Drawing!
45    Panic in the Streets
46    Harry Looks for George
47    Garbage Pail Bigfoot!
48    Look Who's Back!
49    We're Just Wild About Harry ...
50    ... And Harry's Wild About Us!
51    A Visit from ... Whom?
52    Dig Those Wild Sounds!
53    "He Lives Here, with You?"
54    Harry among Friends
55    A Boy and His Bigfoot!
56    "Don't Look Behind You, Lafleur!"
57    Harry Takes a Ride!
58    The Getaway
59    Harry Fakes 'Em Out!
60    Call of the Wild
61    Hiding from Lafleur
62    Bigfoot Showdown!
63    Harry Gets Even!
64    Harry Takes Charge
65    Harry Hath Tamed the Savage Beast!
66    Dog-Gone It!
67    A Goodbye Kiss from Nancy!
68    Goodbye, Old Friend!
69    Farewell to Harry and His Clan
70    'Till We Meet Again!
71    Director William Dear
72    Setting Up a Shot
73    Behind the Scenes
74    Rick Baker's Creation
75    The Legend of Bigfoot
76    Portrait of Harry
77    Harry and the Hendersons Checklist


 1    (Harry with George Henderson)
 2    (Harry with cup in one hand and dog in the other)
 3    (Harry with Lafleur)
 4    (Harry with Ernie)
 5    (Title card)
 6    (Family picture)
 7    (Harry roaring)
 8    (Harry at home with family)
 9    (Portrait shot of Harry with family)
10    (Harry looking amazed)
11    (Harry in the Henderson's car)
12    (Harry hugging Sarah Henderson)
13    (Harry hugging Lafleur)
14    (Harry holding Ernie)
15    (Harry holding Lefleur off ground by his collar)
16    (Harry with George Henderson)
17    (Harry Holding dog)
18    (Harry with pink ribbon)
19    (Harry scatching head)
20    (Harry looking startled)
21    (Harry and group shot of family)
22    (Full length picture of Harry)

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