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Harvest Heritage Trading Cards
  - Inaugural Series
ERTL - 1994

No.   Title                                   Subset

AGCO Cards

A1    Allis-Chalmers C
A2    Allis-Chalmers WD-45
A3    Deutz-Allis 6260 AWD
A4    Allis-Chalmers 8070 2WD
A5    Deutz-Allis 385 Planter
A6    Allis-Chalmers 7060 2WD
A7    R50 Gleaner Combine
A8    Deutz-Allis 6280 2WD
A9    Agco-Allis 6690 AWD
A10   Allis-Chalmers 8550
A11   Allis-Chalmers 4W-305
A12   Deutz-Allis 6240 AWD
A13   Allis-Chalmers WD-45
A14   Allis-Chalmers WD-45
A15   Allis-Chalmers D-21 (Series II)
A16   Deutz-Allis 6260 AWD
A17   Deutz-Allis 8010 AWD
A18   Allis-Chalmers 8030 2WD
A19   Deutz-Allis 9150 2WD
A20   Deutz-Allis 9150 AWD
A21   Allis-Chalmers 8070 AWD
A22   Allis-Chalmers 7080 2WD
A23   Deutz-Allis 9150 AWD
A24   Deutz-Allis 9150 2WD
A25   AGCO Checklist

Case IH Cards

C1    5140 Maxxum MFD
C2    9250 4WD
C3    5130 Maxxum 2WD
C4    7140 Magnum MFD
C5    7150 Magnum MFD
C6    5120 Maxxum 2WD
C7    1680 Combine
C8    5088 2WD
C9    7130 Magnum 2WD
C10   5130 Maxxum 2WD
C11   8600 Air Hoe Drill
C12   900 Planter
C13   IH 1400 Series Combine
C14   7110 Magnum 2WD
C15   8830 Swather
C16   580E Loader/Backhoe
C17   5130 Maxxum MFD
C18   9150 4WD
C19   580K Loader/Backhoe
C20   4994 4WD
C21   7140 Magnum Duals
C22   3588 2+2
C23   4894 4WD
C24   5130 Maxxum MFD
C25   7130 Magnum MFD
C26   6388 2 + 2
C27   3294 MFD
C28   2594 2WD
C29   3294 MFD
C30   4994 4WD
C31   4890 4WD
C32   7120 Magnum 2WD
C33   7120 Magnum 2WD
C34   7130 Magnum MFD
C35   7130 Magnum MFD
C36   7140 Magnum MFD
C37   7150 Magnum MFD
C38   1370 Agri-King
C39   1030 Comfort King
C40   5088 2WD
C41   1570 "Spirit of '76"
C42   W30 Wheel Loader
C43   580E Loader/Backhoe
C44   5100 End-Wheel Drill
C45   800 Planter
C46   1844 Cotton Picker
C47   Farmall F-20
C48   Farmall F-20
C49   Farmall H
C50   Case IH Checklist

John Deere Cards

D1    Waterloo Boy Tractor
D2    8560 4WD Tractor
D3    7800 MFWD Tractor
D4    4010 Row Crop Tractor
D5    Styled "D" Tractor
D6    535 Round Baler
D7    9000 Series Combine
D8    Hydra Push Spreader
D9    Self-Propelled Forage Harvester
D10   60 Row-Crop Tractor
D11   690C Excavator
D12   Waterloo Boy Model "R" Tractor
D13   310D Backhoe Loader
D14   Pull-Type Forage Harvester
D15   9960 Cotton Picker
D16   John Deere Farm Set
D17   MaxEmerge 2 Planter
D18   452 Grain Drill
D19   2755 Tractor with Loader
D20   430 Round Bailer
D21   7800 MFWD Tractor
D22   8960 4WD Tractor
D23   7600 2WD Tractor
D24   8760 4WD Tractor
D25   4960 MFWD Tractor
D26   4955 MFWD Tractor
D27   4455 MFWD Tractor
D28   4230 "Generation II" Tractor
D29   3020 Diesel Tractor
D30   4255 2WD Tractor
D31   Styled "D" Tractor
D32   70 Row-Crop Tractor
D33   Styled "AR" Tractor
D34   620 Orchard Tractor
D35   7520 4WD Tractor
D36   Late-Styled "A" Tractor
D37   Early-Styled "A" Tractor
D38   Early-Styled "A" Tractor
D39   Unstyled "D" Tractor
D40   310 Series Backhoe Loader
D41   6600 Self-Propelled Combine
D42   1600 Mower Conditioner
D43   328 Square Baler
D44   9600 Maximizer Combine
D45   7800 MFWD Tractor
D46   7800 MFWD Tractor
D47   7800 2WD Tractor
D48   8560 4WD Tractor
D49   9500 Maximizer Combine
D50   John Deere Checklist

Ford New Holland Cards

F1    Ford 8N
F2    TW-20 2WD
F3    7740 with Loader
F4    8240 4WD
F5    6640 2WD
F6    7740 4WD
F7    8730 2WD
F8    8830 4WD
F9    New Holland 489 Haybine
F10   Ford 8N with Loader
F11   FW-60 4WD
F12   7710 2WD
F13   8630 4WD
F14   New Holland Square Baler
F15   New Holland TR96 Combine
F16   Ford 8N
F17   Ford 8N with Plow
F18   Ford 9N with Plow
F19   Fordson
F20   Fordson Super Major
F21   901 Select-O-Speed
F22   Ford 4000
F23   8240 2WD
F24   8340 4WD
F25   Ford New Holland Checklist


Gold (Super) Cards (1 per pack)

SA1   Allis-Chalmers WD-45                    AGCO Gold Cards
SA2   Allis-Chalmers D-21 (Series II)         AGCO Gold Cards
SA3   Allis-Chalmers 8550                     AGCO Gold Cards
SA4   Deutz-Allis 8010 AWD                    AGCO Gold Cards

SC1   Farmall H                               Case IH Gold Cards
SC2   Farmall F-20                            Case IH Gold Cards
SC3   1030 Comfort King                       Case IH Gold Cards
SC4   1570 "Spirit of 76"                     Case IH Gold Cards
SC5   4894 4WD                                Case IH Gold Cards
SC6   7130 "Denver" Magnum                    Case IH Gold Cards
SC7   6388 2+2                                Case IH Gold Cards
SC8   9250 4WD                                Case IH Gold Cards

SD1   Early-Styled "A" Tractor                John Deere Gold Cards
SD2   Unstyled "D" Tractor                    John Deere Gold Cards
SD3   Styled "AR" Tractor                     John Deere Gold Cards
SD4   620 Orchard Tractor                     John Deere Gold Cards
SD5   3020 Diesel Tractor                     John Deere Gold Cards
SD6   4255 2WD Tractor                        John Deere Gold Cards
SD7   7800 MFWD Tractor                       John Deere Gold Cards
SD8   7800 2WD Tractor                        John Deere Gold Cards

SF1   Ford 8N                                 Ford New Holland Gold Cards
SF2   Fordson                                 Ford New Holland Gold Cards
SF3   FW-60 4WD                               Ford New Holland Gold Cards
SF4   8240 2WD                                Ford New Holland Gold Cards

---   ERTL Harvest Heritage Inaugural Series  Gold Checklist



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