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Heat Wave
Hillermeier Photography - 1997

Notes: This card set supplements a series of "Heat Wave" swimsuit calendars. 
Space on many of the cards was made available for sponsors or advertisers, 
which is an interesting spin on card production.

No.   Title                             Advertiser

  1   Diana Burdzy
  2   Melissa Lenkey
  3   Lysa Hannigan
  4   Shelly St. Hilaire
  5   Lisa Downes
  6   Heather Vena
  7   Kim Blackburn                     Boomer's Sportsbar
  8   Judy Chavez
  9   Hillermeier Photography           Hillermeier Photography
 10   Christine House
 11   Lynne Sonsini                     D. Fanelle Flooring
 12   Danielle Lacey
 13   Rachael Theibault
 14   Erica Crowley                     Bazooka's
 15   Lani Nolan
 16   Lisa Scott
 17   Fiesta Americana Conesa Cancun    Fiesta Americana Conesa Cancun
 18   Kerry Ann Khyap
 19   Lisa Gornick
 20   Barbara Miller
 21   Christy Dittman                   Flex Gym
 22   Rhonda Luther                     The Roasted Pepper, Inc.
 23   Robyn Kanicki                     Maple Shade Hooters; DJ Flooring
 24   Michelle Friedman                 Divine Pharmaceuticals
 25   Mary Lou                          D.I.C.E. Contracting, Inc.

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