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Heavenly Bodies Rub-Me Cards
Infinity Card Company - 1994

Note:  These adults-only "rub-me" cards have heat-sensitive maskings,
which when heated (or rubbed) reveal the covered "nasty bits." Set was 
generally distributed as a complete set in a cardboard folder.

 No.     Title

HB 001   Racquel Darrian
HB 002   Marla Vine
HB 003   Barbara Dare
HB 004   Jessica Allen
HB 005   Fiona Yahoo
HB 006   Nina Hartley
HB 007   Sylvia Lee
HB 008   Julia Parton
HB 009   Mickey Mounds


1 of 3   ?
2 of 3   Shayla
3 of 3   Chantilly Lace

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