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Heavy Metal, The Movie and More
Comic Images - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Richard Lewandowski for the update!

No.  Title                                Type

 1   The Movie and More                   Title Card
 2   Space Shuttle                        Soft Landing
 3   Pilot                                Soft Landing
 4   'Vette in Space                      Soft Landing
 5   Soft Landing                         Soft Landing
 6   The Gift                             Grimaldi
 7   Meltdown                             Grimaldi
 8   Evil in Control                      Grimaldi
 9   Bulldozer                            Harry Canyon
10   Future Big Apple                     Harry Canyon
11   Harry Canyon                         Harry Canyon
12   Don't Get Involved...                Harry Canyon
13   Locknar                              Harry Canyon
14   Sarge                                Harry Canyon
15   Sucker Play                          Harry Canyon
16   Sold!                                Harry Canyon
17   Will You Help?                       Harry Canyon
18   More Than He Bargained For           Harry Canyon
19   Pretty, but Dumb                     Harry Canyon
20   First Lesson                         Grimaldi
21   It's a ... Meteorite?                Den
22   Science Experiment                   Den
23   Kath as a Sacrifice                  Den
24   Den to the Rescue                    Den
25   Den & Kath Almost Escape             Den
26   Ard                                  Den
27   A Fight Erupts!                      Den
28   Sounds Reasonable                    Den
29   Den "Finds" the Queen                Den
30   The Flyers                           Den
31   Den to the Rescue... Again           Den
32   It's My Locknar                      Den
33   Just Rewards                         Den
34   Someone Always Finds Me...           Captain Sternn
35   Hanover                              Captain Sternn
36   NOT Guilty?!                         Captain Sternn
37   The Angle                            Captain Sternn
38   The Judge                            Captain Sternn
39   The Payoff                           Captain Sternn
40   Change of Heart                      Captain Sternn
41   Nervewracked                         Captain Sternn
42   Payback                              Captain Sternn
43   The Gateway                          Captain Sternn
44   Cashing in                           Captain Sternn
45   Rain of Fire                         B-17
46   Battle Fury                          B-17
47   Checking the Damage                  B-17
48   It's NOT a Meteorite!                B-17
49   Skeleton Crew                        B-17
50   Time's Up                            B-17
51   Leap of Faith                        B-17
52   Exploring the Unknown                B-17
53   Surrounded                           B-17
54   Paparazzi                            So Beautiful & So Dangerous
55   Bejeweled                            So Beautiful & So Dangerous
56   Hover-up                             So Beautiful & So Dangerous
57   The Abduction                        So Beautiful & So Dangerous
58   Zeke                                 So Beautiful & So Dangerous
59   Gloria                               So Beautiful & So Dangerous
60   The Robot                            So Beautiful & So Dangerous
61   The Machine                          So Beautiful & So Dangerous
62   Edsel                                So Beautiful & So Dangerous
63   Afterglow                            So Beautiful & So Dangerous
64   Coming in for a Landing              So Beautiful & So Dangerous
65   Rough Landing                        So Beautiful & So Dangerous
66   You are the Future...                Grimaldi
67   The Volcano                          Taarna
68   The Eruption                         Taarna
69   Chaos!                               Taarna
70   The Council Meets                    Taarna
71   Rude Interruption                    Taarna
72   Taarna                               Taarna
73   Dressed for Success                  Taarna
74   They're Off!                         Taarna
75   Taarna Finds What She's Looking For  Taarna
76   Off with Their Heads!                Taarna
77   Captured                             Taarna
78   Mutant Leader                        Taarna
79   Evil Orders                          Taarna
80   Beaten                               Taarna
81   A Narrow Escape                      Taarna
82   The Bat Creatures                    Taarna
83   The Final Showdown                   Taarna
84   The Ultimate Sacrifice               Taarna
85   Taarna Lives!                        Grimaldi
86   Pteranodon                           Neverwhere
87   Black Death                          Neverwhere
88   Front Lines                          Neverwhere
89   Jack the Ripper                      Neverwhere
90   Heavy Metal The Movie & More         Checklist


Box Bonus Card

 0   (Art by Luis Royo, )

Chromium Cards

C1   (Art by Richard Corben)
C2   (Art by Luis Royo)
C3   (Art by Aboy)
C4   (Art by Alan Craddock)
C5   (Art by Luis Royo)
C6   (Art by Richard Corben)

Calendar Cards

S1   (Art by Luis Royo)
S2   (Art by Kike)
S3   (Art by Monica)

Autographed card


Card Album (sold separately)

--   (binder)


---  Heavy Metal The Movie & More

©1997-2000, 2001, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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