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Hello Kitty San Diego Series 2015
   Upper Deck - 2015

Notes: Five packages each contained a dog tag, chain, oversized trading card, 
and figure. Each card is numbered sequentially (the maximum seen was #707).

       No.   Caption

  HK15CC-1   A comic book artist works with writers and create
  HK15CC-2   Background actors, sometimes called extras, are p
  HK15CC-3   At a Comic-Con panel, fans can listen to guest sp
  HK15CC-4   Cosplayers are fans that love to dress up as thei
  HK15CC-5   Every toy starts with a toy designer and an idea

Dog Tags

    --       (comic book artist)
    --       (movie extras)
    --       (con panels)
    --       (cosplay)
    --       (toy designer)

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