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Henchmen of Horror
   Goodstuff Cards - 2001

Notes:  1000 numbered factory sets were produced.  Thanks much to J. Gordon
Melton for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Title Card/Bernard Jukes (Dracula- Broadway)
  2   Cesare (The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari)
  3   The Ape/Man (The Wizard)
  4   Renfield  (Dracula- Broadway)
  5   Renfield  (Dracula- 1931 USA)
  6   Renfield  (Dracula- 1931 Spanish)
  7   Piotr  (Drums of Jeopardy)
  8   Fritz  (Frankenstein)
  9   Igor
 10   The Nubian  (The Mummy)
 11   Hanns Krug  (The Monster Walks)
 12   Janos, the Black One  (Murders in the Rue Morgue)
 13   Chauvin, the High Executioner  (White Zombie)
 14   Ivan, Scar-Face & the Tartar  (The Most Dangerous Game)
 15   Sparrow/Professor Darcy  (Mystery of the Wax Museum)
 16   Emil  (The Vampire Bat)
 17   Laing  (The Ghoul)
 18   Thamal  (The Black Cat)
 19   The Majordomo  (The Black Cat)
 20   Maxwell  (Maniac)
 21   Karl  (Bride of Frankenstein)
 22   Rudy  (Bride of Frankenstein)
 23   Karl (Bride of Frankenstein- Deleted Scenes)
 24   Dwight Frye
 25   Zan  (Condemned to Live)
 26   Appolyn & Gorzo  (The Lost City)
 27   Clayton  (The Man Who Lived Again)
 28   Sandor  (Dracula's Daughter)
 29   Jake  (The Human Monster)
 30   Karl  (The Devil Commands)
 31   Petro  (The Mad Monster)
 32   Toby, Angel, and Fagah (The Corpse Vanishes)
 33   Angel (The Corpse Vanishes)
 34   Toby (The Corpse Vanishes)
 35   Angelo Rossitto
 36   Doc  (Bowery at Midnight)
 37   Zolarr  (Dead Men Walk)
 38   Ted Allison  (The Mad Ghoul)
 39   Andreas  (The Return of the Vampire)
 40   Andreas  (The Return of the Vampire)
 41   Daniel  (House of Frankenstein)
 42   Daniel  (House of Frankenstein)
 43   Ragheb  (The Mummy's Curse)
 44   Steve (AKA: "The Giant")  (The Monster Maker)
 45   Moloch  (Jungle Captive)
 46   Indigo  (Scared to Death)
 47   Hugo & Otto  (Master Minds)
 48   A Henchman's Fate (Part 1)
 49   A Henchman's Fate (Part 2)
 50   Closing Card/Credits

Promo Card (included with factory set)

 --   Renfield (Dracula) [unnumbered]

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