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Hercules: The Complete Journeys
  Premiere Edition
Rittenhouse Archies - 2001

Notes: Packaging refers to "The Complete Journeys," but the cards themselves 
refer to the TV series title "The Legendary Journeys." Thanks much to Angelina 
Starks for the update! Additional information and scans are posted at the 
Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.84 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   [Title Card]
  2   Season One Overview
  3   The Wrong Path
  4   Eye of the Beholder
  5   The Road to Calydon
  6   The Festival of Dionysus
  7   Ares
  8   As Darkness Falls
  9   Pride Comes Before a Brawl
 10   The March to Freedom
 11   The Warrior Princess
 12   The Gladiator
 13   The Vanishing Dead
 14   The Gauntlet
 15   The Unchained Heart
 16   Season Two Overview
 17   King of Thieves
 18   All that Glitters
 19   What's in a Name?
 20   The Siege at Naxos
 21   Outcast
 22   Under the Broken Sky
 23   The Mother of All Monsters
 24   The Other Side
 25   The Fire Down Below
 26   Cast a Giant Shadow
 27   Highway to Hades
 28   Sword of Veracity
 29   The Enforcer
 30   Once a Hero
 31   Heedless Hearts
 32   Let the Games Begin
 33   The Apple
 34   Promises
 35   King for a Day
 36   Protean Challenge
 37   The Wedding of Alcmene
 38   The Power
 39   Centaur Mentor Journey
 40   Cave of Echoes
 41   Season Three Overview
 42   Mercenary
 43   Doomsday
 44   Love Takes a Holiday
 45   Mummy Dearest
 46   Not Fade Away
 47   Monster-Child in the Promised Land
 48   The Green Eyed Monster
 49   Prince Hercules
 50   A Star to Guide Them
 51   Lady and the Dragon
 52   Long Live the King
 53   Surprise
 54   Encounter
 55   When A Man Loves A Woman
 56   Judgment Day
 57   Lost City
 58   Les Contempibles
 59   Reign of Terror
 60   End of the Beginning
 61   War Brides
 62   Rock and a Hard Place
 63   Atlantis
 64   Season Four Overview
 65   Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
 66   Hero's Heart
 67   Regrets ... I've Had a Few
 68   Web of Desire
 69   Stranger in a Strange World
 70   Two Men and a Baby
 71   Prodigal Sister
 72   And Fancy Free
 73   If I Had A Hammer
 74   Hercules on Trial
 75   Medea Culpa
 76   Men in Pink
 77   Armageddon Now I
 78   Armageddon Now II
 79   Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules
 80   Porkules
 81   One Fowl Day
 82   My Fair Cupcake
 83   War Wounds
 84   Twilight
 85   Top God
 86   Reunions
 87   Season Five Overview
 88   Faith
 89   Descent
 90   Resurrection
 91   Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My
 92   Render Unto Caesar
 93   Norse by Norsewest
 94   Somewhere over Rainbow Bridge
 95   Darkness Rising
 96   For Those of You Just Joining Us....
 97   Let There Be Light
 98   Redemption
 99   Sky High
100   Stranger and Stranger
101   Just Passing Through
102   Greece is Burning
103   We'll Always Have Cyprus
104   The Academy
105   Love on the Rocks
106   Once Upon a Future King
107   Fade Out
108   My Best Girl's Wedding
109   Revelations
110   Season Six Overview
111   Be Deviled
112   Love, Amazon Style
113   Rebel with a Cause
114   Darkness Visible
115   Hercules, Tramps and Thieves
116   City of the Dead
117   Wicked Good Time
118   Full Circle
119   Checklist 1
120   Checklist 2


Mythical Beasts Cards (1:4 Packs)

M1    Hydra
M2    Echidna
M3    Golden Hind
M4    Arachne
M5    Typhon
M6    Dahak
M7    Primords
M8    Baby Harpies
M9    Centaur

Heavenly Bodies Cards (1:8 Packs)

HB1   Xena
HB2   Gabrielle
HB3   Aphrodite
HB4   Serena
HB5   Atalanta
HB6   Deianeira
HB7   Athena & Artemis
HB8   Niobe
HB9   The Enforcer

Hercules HoloFEX Cards (1:40 Packs)

H1    Hercules (sword to his left))
H2    Hercules (sword to the sky)
H3    Hercules (sword to his right)
H4    Hercules (throttling)
H5    Hercules (poised to pounce)
H6    Hercules (smiling with burning pole)

Autograph Cards (1:14 packs)

HA1   Kevin Sorbo as Hercules
A2    Sam Sorbo as Serena
A3    Martin Kove as Demetrius
A4    Cory Everson as Atalanta
A5    Kevin Smith as Ares 'God of Love'
A6    Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira
A7    Ian Bohen as Young Hercules
A8    Robert Trebor as Salmoneus
A9    Liddy Holloway as Alcmene
A10   Grant Bridger as Augeus
A11   Lisa Chappell as Melissa
A12   Josephine Davison as Ramina
A13   Joel Tobeck as King Beraeus
A14   Michael Hurst as Iolaus
A15   Meighan Desmond as Discord [Binder only, also listed below]
A16   Gina Torres as Nebula
A17   Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
A18   Kerry Gallagher as Lianna

"From the Archives" Costume Card (1:case)

HC1   Kevin Sorbo

The Xena Trilogy (1:box)

XT1   Warrior Princess
XT2   The Gauntlet
XT3   The Unchained Heart

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (Fifteen nine-pocket plastic sheets)
A15   Meighan Desmond as Discord [Exclusive Autograph Card]
BP1   Hercules The Complete Journeys [Binder-only Promo Card]

Heavenly Bodies Uncut Strip (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 50)

--    (9-up panel, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)

Mythical Beasts Uncut Strip (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 50)

--    (9-up panel, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)


--    Coming June 2001! (Unnumbered)
--    (Dealer sell sheet)

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