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Hercules (Disney)
Fleer/SkyBox 1997

No.   Title                                       Type

   1  Hercules                                    Story Cards
   2  Zeus Tames the Earth                        Story Cards
   3  Hercules is Born!                           Story Cards
   4  Lofty Ambitions                             Story Cards
   5  A Mortal-Making Potion                      Story Cards
   6  Uncontrollable Strength                     Story Cards
   7  Zeus Reveals the Truth                      Story Cards
   8  Phil gets Hired                             Story Cards
   9  Training for Herodom                        Story Cards
  10  Damsel in Distress?                         Story Cards
  11  Love at First Fight                         Story Cards
  12  It's a Trap!                                Story Cards
  13  Danger A-head                               Story Cards
  14  Hades Makes an Offer                        Story Cards
  15  Look Inside Your Heart                      Story Cards
  16  Herc Plays Hooky                            Story Cards
  17  Truths Revealed                             Story Cards
  18  Blinded by Love                             Story Cards
  19  Hercules is Betrayed                        Story Cards
  20  Hades Attacks!                              Story Cards
  21  Sound the Alarm                             Story Cards
  22  Hercules' Only Hope                         Story Cards
  23  Broken Contact                              Story Cards
  24  Victory Becomes Defeat                      Story Cards
  25  A Deadly Bargain                            Story Cards
  26  The Ultimate Sacrifice                      Story Cards
  27  A Final Gift                                Story Cards
  28  Hades                                       Evil Character Cards
  29  Pain & Panic                                Evil Character Cards
  30  Hydra                                       Evil Character Cards
  31  Nessus                                      Evil Character Cards
  32  Cyclops                                     Evil Character Cards
  33  Rock Titan                                  Evil Character Cards
  34  Volcano Titan                               Evil Character Cards
  35  Ice Titan                                   Evil Character Cards
  36  Wind Titan                                  Evil Character Cards
  37  Hercules                                    Good Character Cards
  38  Megara                                      Good Character Cards
  39  Pegasus                                     Good Character Cards
  40  Phil                                        Good Character Cards
  41  Zeus                                        Good Character Cards
  42  Muses                                       Good Character Cards
  43  Herc Rescues Meg                            Meg + Herc
  44  Romantic Garden Stroll                      Meg + Herc
  45  Together at Last                            Meg + Herc
  46  Mt. Olympus ... On Mt. Olympus              The Three Worlds
  47  Earth ... The beautiful Centaur Woods       The Three Worlds
  48  Underworld ... The Fates                    The Three Worlds
  49  Mt. Olympus ... Amorphous shapes            The Three Worlds
  50  Earth ... Cities like the "Big Olive,"      The Three Worlds
  51  Underworld ... The Underworld is not only   The Three Worlds
  52  Mt. Olympus ... Up in the clouds            The Three Worlds
  53  Earth ... Rolling hillsides                 The Three Worlds
  54  Underworld ... Dark, dank, and full         The Three Worlds
  55  We are Worms                                Heroic Humor
  56  Coming Soon to a Disaster Near You          Heroic Humor
  57  We can't all be built like Phil.            Heroic Humor
  58  Hero Anyone?                                Heroic Humor
  59  Pretty Heroic, Huh?                         Heroic Humor
  60  Jeepers, mister, you're really strong.      Heroic Humor
  61  Ouch! EEEECH! Oooch!                        Heroic Humor
  62  Push the Panic Button                       Heroic Humor
  63  Property of the Underworld                  Heroic Humor
  64  Baby Hercules vs. Snakes                    Herculean Feats
  65  Hercules vs. Nessus                         Herculean Feats
  66  Hercules vs. Hydra                          Herculean Feats
  67  Hercules vs. Cyclops                        Herculean Feats
  68  Hercules vs. Titans                         Herculean Feats
  69  Checklist                                   Checklist
  70  Checklist                                   Checklist
  71  Hercules                                    Action Pop-Out
  72  Hercules' Sword & Shield                    Action Pop-Out
  73  Philoctetes                                 Action Pop-Out
  74  Phil's Equipment                            Action Pop-Out
  75  Pegasus                                     Action Pop-Out
  76  Pegasus' Wings                              Action Pop-Out
  77  Hades                                       Action Pop-Out
  78  Hades' Flames and Worms                     Action Pop-Out
  79  Hydra                                       Action Pop-Out
  80  Hydra Heads                                 Action Pop-Out
  81  Daisy Meg                                   Color-In
  82  Puzzle Card 1                               Color-In
  83  Puzzle Card 2                               Color-In
  84  Puzzle Card 3                               Color-In
  85  Puzzle Card 4                               Color-In
  86  Puzzle Card 5                               Color-In
  87  Puzzle Card 6                               Color-In
  88  Puzzle Card 7                               Color-In
  89  Puzzle Card 8                               Color-In
  90  Puzzle Card 9                               Color-In



1 of 6  Man of Myth
2 of 6  So Greek. So Chic.
3 of 6  Goddess At Heart
4 of 6  We Are Worms!
5 of 6  You're Toast!
6 of 6  Ouch! Eeech! Oooch!

Sculpted Hologram Cards (1:24 packs)


Gold Medal Cards (1:9 packs)




©1998-2000, 2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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