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Here's Bo
Fleer - 1981

Note:  Each of the 72-card series had from two to five variations in the content of the
card backs.  A complete "variation set" would include 198 cards.  Abbreviations for the
back variations are shown to the right of the card titles, with a key at the bottom of
this page.  This key identifies the card backs according to the placement in the puzzle
(R=row, C=column), the Storycard number, or the completed puzzle.

The posters were distributed one-per-pack, but anybody who is opening packs that have been
stored since the early 1980s will probably find that the outsides (backs) of the posters
are heavily degraded by moisture and pigment that has migrated from the gum.  The side
with the poster photos may be in good shape, and posters may be very display-able. 

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 poster insert.
Common numerical sets: approx. 4.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Variation sets: 1.45 per box on average.
Poster sets: approximately 3.00 per box.

No.   Title                                     Variations in Card Backs

  1   Good advice from Daddy!                   SC- 1  SC-13  SC- 7
  2   Bo wipes out!                             SC- 2  SC-14  SC- 8
  3   "Home movies anyone?"                     SC- 3  SC-15  SC- 9
  4   12-hour hairdo for movie "10".            R1-C8  R3-C8  R5-C8
  5   Ain't puppy love great!                   R1-C7  R3-C7  R5-C7
  6   Bo pearl dives in Japan.                  R1-C6  R3-C6  R5-C6
  7   First encounter at camp.                  R1-C5  R3-C5  R5-C5
  8   Movie "10" brings international fame.     R1-C4  R3-C3  R5-C4
  9   Bo is an excellent Windsurfer.            R1-C3  R3-C2  R5-C3
 10   Resting after jog on beach.               R1-C2  R3-C4  R5-C2
 11   "May the tooth fairy answer my dreams."   R1-C1  R3-C1  R5-C1
 12   "Stand where I showed you!"               SC- 4  SC-10  CP     
 13   Happiest girl in the jungle.              SC- 5  SC-11  CP     
 14   "Take me to your leader."                 SC- 6  SC-12  SC-16  
 15   Bo relaxes with her mate.                 R2-C8  R4-C8  R6-C8
 16   "Please let me go."                       R2-C7  R4-C7  R6-C7
 17   Bo runs for her life.                     R2-C6  R4-C6  R6-C6
 18   Prepare for the sacrifice!                R2-C5  R4-C5  R6-C5
 19   Bo's sister Kerry helps John shoot.       R2-C4  R4-C4  R6-C4
 20   Rafting down the river.                   R2-C3  R4-C3  R6-C3
 21   "Don't touch me or I'll shoot!"           R2-C2  R4-C2  R6-C2
 22   So this is the new crew John hired?       R2-C1  R4-C1  R6-C1
 23   Tender scene in the Jungle!               SC- 1  SC- 7  R1-C5  R3-C5  R5-C5
 24   The boa makes a sneak attack.             SC- 2  SC- 8  R1-C4  R3-C3  R5-C4
 25   Lost and nowhere to go.                   SC- 3  SC- 9  R1-C3  R3-C2  R5-C3
 26   Dressed for dinner in the jungle.         R1-C8  R3-C8  R1-C2  R3-C4  R5-C2
 27   Lunch break in jungle.                    R1-C7  R3-C7  R1-C1  R3-C1  R5-C1
 28   "Please! Please! Help me!"                R1-C6  R3-C6
 29   "Am I really your first girlfriend?"      R1-C5  R3-C5
 30   To the rescue!                            R1-C4  R3-C3
 31   Bo's husband, John Derek.                 R1-C3  R3-C2
 32   Swinging through the trees.               R1-C2  R3-C4
 33   "Oh, I hope he's not dead."               R1-C1  R3-C1
 34   John & Bo working on latest movie.        SC- 4  SC-10
 35   Our family portrait.                      SC- 5  SC-11
 36   Beauty in the jungle.                     SC- 6  SC-12
 37   Alone on the beach.                       R2-C8  R4-C8
 38   Oh, those big blue eyes.                  R2-C7  R4-C7
 39   Sweet 16 & falling in love!               R2-C6  R4-C6
 40   Bo relaxes with her ponies.               R2-C5  R4-C5
 41   Adventure in Australia.                   R2-C4  R4-C4
 42   A ride in the surf.                       R2-C3  R4-C3
 43   Bo braids crafts for relaxation.          R2-C2  R4-C2
 44   Jogging through Central Park, New York    R2-C1  R4-C1
 45   The jungle taxi.                          SC- 1  SC-13
 46   "O.K. snap the shutter."                  SC- 2  SC-14
 47   June, 1979                                SC- 3  SC-15
 48   July, 1978                                R1-C8  R5-C8
 49   Bo relaxes in Mexico.                     R1-C7  R5-C7
 50   Bo flies her Hobie Cat.                   R1-C6  R5-C6
 51   Bo Bo black sheep.                        R1-C5  R5-C5
 52   "Hey, can you keep a secret?"             R1-C4  R5-C4
 53   Sailing on America Cup yacht "Freedom."   R1-C3  R5-C3
 54   Bo exercises and swims every day.         R1-C2  R5-C2
 55   Expert rider on the beach.                R1-C1  R5-C1
 56   "Gimme a great big kiss!"                 SC- 4  SC-10  CP     
 57   California Girl at 17.                    SC- 5  SC-11  CP     
 58   Making friend in Singapore Zoo.           SC- 6  SC-12  SC-16  
 59   Bo loves her V.W. convertible.            R2-C8  R4-C8  R6-C8
 60   Captain and crew on riverboat.            R2-C7  R4-C7  R6-C7
 61   Cornrows ... made famous by Bo.           R2-C6  R4-C6  R6-C6
 62   "Daddy, is he really a savage?"           R2-C5  R4-C5  R6-C5
 63   The All American Girl!                    R2-C4  R4-C4  R6-C4
 64   Saved from the surf.                      R2-C3  R4-C3  R6-C3
 65   John's favorite photo.                    R2-C2  R4-C2  R6-C2
 66   One big happy family.                     R2-C1  R4-C1  R6-C1
 67   C.J. takes a stroll.                                    SC- 1  SC- 7  SC-13
 68   "Burr! The water is cold."                              SC- 2  SC- 8  SC-14
 69   Exercising on California beach.                         SC- 3  SC- 9  SC-15
 70   Vacationing in Switzerland.                             R1-C8  R3-C8  R5-C8
 71   "Hey John, let us help."                                R1-C7  R3-C7  R5-C7
 72   In search of the wild beast.                            R1-C6  R3-C6  R5-C6


  1   Image similar to Card No. 35
  2   Image from Card No. 52
  3   Detail from Card No. 13
  4   Image from Card No. 14 (reversed)
  5   Image from Card No. 62
  6   Image from Card No. 65
  7   Image similar to Card No. 13
  8   Image from Card No. 61
  9   Image from Card No. 63
 10   Image similar to Card No. 71 with Bo
 11   Image from Card No. 17
 12   Image from Card No. 9

Key to List of Variations

Row/Col  Description

CP       Completed Puzzle

R1  C1   border + solid dark green
R1  C2   unfocused medium green
R1  C3   half his hair right
R1  C4   his hair diagonal from lower left
R1  C5   his hair peak and left headband
R1  C6   his hair 70% at left
R1  C7   hair bits lower left and bottom
R1  C8   solid dark green + border
R2  C1   border + light brown 20% bottom
R2  C2   lt. green top lt. brown bottom
R2  C3   his hair 60% upper right
R2  C4   his right eye
R2  C5   his left eye
R2  C6   her hair 85% bottom
R2  C7   her hair peaks 90% bottom
R2  C8   her hair 90% bottom + border
R3  C1   border + underbrush tan/green
R3  C2   monkey hair 45% bottom
R3  C3   his right chin
R3  C4   monkey hair 55% bottom
R3  C5   his lower lip
R3  C6   her eyes
R3  C7   her left ear
R3  C8   her hair two-tone + border
R4  C1   border + dk. brown circle mid right
R4  C2   monkey hair dk./med brown waves
R4  C3   monkey forehead light blue-green
R4  C4   monkey left forehead, his neck
R4  C5   his hair, her chin tip
R4  C6   her mouth
R4  C7   her left cheek and hair
R4  C8   her hair + border
R5  C1   border + dark with lt. band middle
R5  C2   dark + med. brown 20% lower left
R5  C3   monkey right eye
R5  C4   monkey nose
R5  C5   all dark brown mottled
R5  C6   her forearm lower right
R5  C7   her thumb lower rt. and hair
R5  C8   her hair almost solid + border
R6  C1   border + dark with lt. 5% upper right
R6  C2   dark with light streaks top
R6  C3   dark with light upper right corner
R6  C4   monkey mouth
R6  C5   dark brown mottled
R6  C6   her arm and shirt
R6  C7   her three fingers
R6  C8   her fingers bottom + border

SC   1   Storycard No. 1 of 16
SC   2   Storycard No. 2 of 16
SC   3   Storycard No. 3 of 16
SC   4   Storycard No. 4 of 16
SC   5   Storycard No. 5 of 16
SC   6   Storycard No. 6 of 16
SC   7   Storycard No. 7 of 16
SC   8   Storycard No. 8 of 16
SC   9   Storycard No. 9 of 16
SC  10   Storycard No. 10 of 16
SC  11   Storycard No. 11 of 16
SC  12   Storycard No. 12 of 16
SC  13   Storycard No. 13 of 16
SC  14   Storycard No. 14 of 16
SC  15   Storycard No. 15 of 16
SC  16   Storycard No. 16 of 16

©2000, 2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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