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Hero Illustrated Cover Promos
   Hero Illustrated - 1994

Notes: These cards feature cover art from the magazine on fronts and production 
information and credits on card backs.

No.   Issue                              Cover Artist

H-1   Number One (1993)                  Bernard Chang [Prototype Cover]
H-2   Number Two - August, 1993          Dave Dorman
H-3   Number Three - September, 1993     Marc Silvestri
H-4   Number Four - October, 1993        Kelley Jones
H-5   Number Five - November, 1993       Karl Alstaetter
H-6   Number Six - December, 1993        Alex Ross
H-7   Number Seven - January, 1994       Jim Lee
H-8   Number Eight - February, 1994      Norm Breyfogle [Prototype Cover]

s-1   Hero Special Edition Number One    Kelley Jones

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