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Heroes of the Sea
   W.S. Corp - 1939

Notes: ACC reference number R67. Cards were usually distributed in strips for 
use in vending machines.

No.   Title                  Card-Back Title (if different)

449   Admiral Sturdee
450   Columbus               Christopher Columbus
451   Balboa
452   Admiral Sims
453   John Paul Jones
454   Admiral Dewey
455   Capt. Diehl            Captain Diehl
456   Capt. Bligh            Captain Bligh
457   Ponce de Leon
458   Comm. Perry            Commodore Perry
459   Sir Francis Drake
460   Magellan
461   Henry Hudson
462   Admiral Cradock
463   Capt. Rostrom          Captain Rostrom
464   Capt. W. T. Turner     Captain W. T. Turner
465   Capt. Cook             Captain Cook
466   Capt. Ericson          Captain Ericson
467   Cartier
468   Capt. Moses Rogers     Captain Moses Rogers
469   William Beebe
470   Admiral Nelson
471   Capt. Chris. Jones     Captain Chris Jones
472   Capt. Basil Roberts    Captain Basil Roberts

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