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Hero Team-Up Promo Series
Cards Illustrated - 1994

Notes: Cards were poly-bagged, 3 per issue, in Cards Illustrated, and promoted 
the comic series. Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the list!

No.   Title					Artist(s)               Issue

  1   G.R.I.P.                         Brad Gorby                     June
  2   Monkeyman/O'Brian                Arthur Adams                   June
  3   Megaton Man/Captain Everything   Don Simpson                    June

  4   Sam & Maxx                       Steve Purcell                  July
  5   Dethgrip                         Todd Johnson, Larry Stroman    July	
  6   Milk & Cheese                    Evan Dorkin                    July

  7   "Archie's United Three"                                         August
  8   Badger                                                          August
  9   Evil Ernie and Lady Death        Steven Hughes                  August

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