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The Art of H.G. Wells:
  The Time Machine
Monsterwax - 2006

Notes: The War of the Worlds is Series 1 of The Art of H.G. Wells, together 
with Series 2 ("Island of Dr. Moreau") and Series 3 ("The War of the Worlds). 
Card numbers shown for the checklist and chase cards are not printed on the 
card, but are shown on the printed checklist and serve as a way to tell apart 
similar items from all three series. Many thanks to Mike Fitzpatrick for the 
original checklist! Further information and scans are posted at the Monsterwax 

Box: 36 packs. 166 boxes total.
Common sets: exactly 6 per box if collation is always perfect.

   No.   Title - Card Text

     1   The Time Traveler - Our host was a man of impressive scientific means.
     2   A Demonstration - "You actually think you can prove something like that?"
     3   The Dinner Meeting - At that time, none of us really believed...
     4   Into The Future - We were suspicious but curious.
     5   Watching Tomorrow - "I saw great and splendid architecture..."
     6   Land of the Unknown -" I landed on the wet ground in the middle of a storm."
     7   Meeting New Mankind - "It was soon obvious that my fears were unjustified."
     8   The Great Hall - "Fools or not, the Eloi (as I later named them) were..."
     9   The Missing Machine - "I ran to the lawn below the sphinx and searched..."
    10   Rescuing an Eloi -  "It was frustrating not being able to communicate..."
    11   Exploring the Ruins - "I spent the majority of my days with Weena and the..."
    12   Well to Hell - "I lit a match and saw a hairy white creature..."
    13   Meeting the Morlocks - "I stepped over the well wall and climbed down..."
    14   Escape? - "I tried again a feeble attempt to communicate..."
    15   Back Above - "I was driven up the shaft by sheer terror."
    16   Museum of Tomorrow - "It was well past noon when we reached the ruins..."
    17   Discovering Fire - "When we left the museum, it was turning twilight."
    18   Night Struggle - "I needed to light a match but was afraid to stop swinging..."
    19   Wild Fire - "The burning Morlock disappeared into the surrounding forest."
    20   A Way Out - "The blaze raged all night and greeted the dawn."
    21   A Trap? - "I felt great relief at the sight of my machine."
    22   The Hungry Sea - "The Morlocks faded into history and the darkness..."
    23   The Last Days - "I threw the lever forward again, going further into the..."
    24   Returning Home - "So I headed back. The blinking succession of..."
    25   Impossible! - "There was a long pause. Being a journalist, I felt it was..."
    26   The Last Journey - "I lay awake most of the night thinking about what..."
    27   Final Fate? - One cannot choose but wonder. Will he ever return?

    C1   The Time Machine Checklist (hand-numbered to 1000)


Promo Cards (inserted in packs)

1 of 6   The Time Machine
2 of 6   The Time Machine
3 of 6   Island of Dr. Moreau
4 of 6   Island of Dr. Moreau
5 of 6   War of the Worlds
6 of 6   War of the Worlds
1 of 3   Don't Let It Happen Here! / Don't Let It Happen Here!
2 of 3   Indian Satoi / Don't Let It Happen Here!

Background Card (1:box)

   BC1   The Time Machine Concept

Prize Redemption Cards (1 each:box)

   PC1   The Time Machine Prize Card! (tape copy of The Time Machine radio broadcast)
   PC4   Uncut Sheet Prize Card! (limited to 166 copies)

Authentic Auto-Sketch Cards (1:box)

    A1   The Time Machine (Ricardo Garijo)

Box Card

   BA1   (The Time Machine) [printed on box bottom]


    P1   The Time Machine
    P2   The Time Machine

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©2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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