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The Art of H.G. Wells:
  The War of the Worlds!
Monsterwax - 2005

Notes: The War of the Worlds is Series 3 of The Art of H.G. Wells, with Series 1 
and 2 for "The Time Machine" and "Island of Dr. Moreau" to follow. Many 
thanks to Mike Fitzpatrick for the original checklist and to Joanna Kohlbus and 
Angelina Starks for updates! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Monsterwax website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 166 boxes total.
Common sets: approx. 6 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Title / Text

   64   The Eve of the War  - "No one would have believed in the last
   65   Our Nearest Neighbor - "The planet Mars revolves around the s
   66   The Falling Star - "Then came the night of the first falling 
   67   On Horsell Common - Ogilvy succeeded in finding the fallen ob
   68   The Cylinder Opens - "Someone shouted that a circular patch o
   69   The Heat-Ray - "Suddenly the creature vanished. The dark open
   70   No One Believes - The Martians continued to fire their strang
   71   Reaching Home - "I kept walking for another hour or so. When 
   72   The Fighting Begins - "All night long the Martians were hamme
   73   The Storm - "Leatherhead is about twelve miles from Maybury H
   74   Wake of Destruction - "I climbed out of the mud to see a towe
   75   At the Window - "I asked the soldier what happened. "What has
   76   Evacuation - "The soldier and I ransacked the house for provi
   77   River of Death - "The Martian tripods glittered in the sun as
   78   A Brief Retreat - "When I resurfaced, the two remaining tripo
   79   The Curate - The curate extended his thin white hands and spo
   80   The Dark Fog - "My younger brother was in London when the Mar
   81   Chaos in London - "News of the approaching invaders and their
   82   The Exodus - "My brother happened upon two ladies in an open 
   83   The "Thunder Child" - "Among the clutter of passenger ships c
   84   Under Foot - I have wandered far from my own experiences to e
   85   Pointless to Run - "As the Martian menace passed us, we scurr
   86   What We Saw - We had no choice but to nervously wait out the 
   87   Martian "Food" - The Martian internal anatomy, as dissection 
   88   Days of Imprisonment - "The curate and I spent many days trap
   89   Death of the Curate - On the sixth day of our imprisonment, I
   90   Stalked in the Dark - There was an approaching noise from the
   91   The Stillness - "I lay all the tenth day in the dark cellar,
   92   The Man on Putney Hill - "I resumed my journey to Leatherhead
   93   The Future of Mankind - "The soldier's mood reversed once he 
   94   Traitors to the Race - "The artilleryman's grim predictions o
   95   A Brave New World - Well, it's like this," the artilleryman c
   96   Dead London - "We hurried quietly to the house on Putney Hill
   97   Wreckage - "An insane resolve possessed me. I would die and e
   98   Reunion - "And so it had come about, as indeed I and many men
   99   Epilogue - "The result of an anatomical examination of the Ma
   --   War of the Worlds Checklist (numbered to 1000)


Background Card (1:box)

 BC-2   Effect on Pop Culture: "H.G. Wells story of The War of the Worlds"

Autographed Sketch Card (1:box)

  A3    War of the Worlds (Ricardo Garijo)

Prize Redemption Card (1:box)

  --    Old Time Radio: Orson Wells 1938 broadcast

Bonus Box Card (with purchase of boxes for all 3 series)

 BA3    War of the Worlds


 P5     War of the Worlds
 P6     War of the Worlds

1 of 3  Prototype Card 2/3 (Non-Sport Update)
2 of 3  Prototype Card 2/3 (Non-Sport Update)
3 of 3  Prototype Card 3/3 (Non-Sport Update)

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©2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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