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The Complete Highlander (TV)
Rittenhouse Archives - 2003

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.60 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title / Card Text                                 Episode

      1    The Complete Highlander: The Series
      2    Season One
      3    For the last twelve years, Duncan MacLeod had     The Gathering
      4    As with most orphan boys, Richie wanted to lea    Family Tree
      5    All his life, Immortal Kiem Sun tried to creat    The Road Not Taken
      6    For the last hundred years, Duncan had been a     Innocent Man
      7    Felicia Martins posed as a troubled and confus    Free Fall
      8    In spite of being a gorgeous woman and a remar    Bad Day at Building 'A'
      9    Duncan was out of town, and Tessa decided to p    Mountain Men
     10    While walking home Duncan was hit and almost k    Deadly Medicine
     11    A former girlfriend of Richie, Nikki and her b    The Sea Witch
     12    Not all Immortals revealed their secret to the    Revenge Is Sweet
     13    A serial killer dubbed The Scalper was attacki    See No Evil
     14    Attending a reception in a gallery, Tessa beli    Eyewitness
     15    Darius, a former warlord and now a monk, sent     Band of Brothers
     16    For centuries, the Immortal known as Kuyler pr    For Evil's Sake
     17    After murdering several clients in a jeweler's    For Tomorrow We Die
     18    Richie fell in love with jenny, a singer whose    The Beast Below
     19    Immortal Grace Chandel had helped humankind al    Saving Grace
     20    Duncan, Tessa and Richie attended the circus a    The Lady and the Tiger
     21    Richie met a beautiful model, Myia, who led hi    Eye of the Beholder
     22    After a fatal stabbing, Alfred Cahill awoke as    Avenging Angel
     23    Mark Rothwood was a spoiled diplomat's son who    Nowhere to Run
     24    Duncan sought Darius but finds that his old fr    The Hunters
     25    Season Two
     26    Determined to investigate the death of his old    The Watchers
     27    Attending an exhibit of Immortal Gregor Power'    Studies in Light
     28    30 years ago, the Immortal Quentin Barnes was     Turnabout
     29    Duncan finally proposed marriage to Tessa, but    The Darkness
     30    When Duncan and newly Immortal Richie witnesse    An Eye for an Eye
     31    The Zone was a burned-out urban wasteland, aba    The Zone
     32    Amanda returned to town telling MacLeod she'd     The Return of Amanda
     33    Jimmy Sang, a former student of Charlie's was     Revenge of the Sword
     34    Carl Robinson, an Immortal, met up with Duncan    Run for Your Life
     35    Tommy was an innocent bystander accidentally k    Epitaph for Tommy
     36    Duncan's old frield Tommy Sullivan was a scrap    The Fighter
     37    Richie wanted desperately to protect Laura Dan    Under Color of Authority
     38    While camping, Duncan and Charlie came to the     Bless the Child
     39    Xavier St. Cloud returned and many immortals w    Unholy Alliance, Part 1
     40    As Charlie regained strength, duncan accepted     Unholy Alliance, Part 2
     41    Duncan met the mysterious Nicholas Ward in 184    The Vampire
     42    Some promises cannot last forever. In 1918, Du    Warmonger
     43    Duncan felt the presence of another Immortal c    Pharaoh's Daughter
     44    When her mentor Rebecca was killed, Amanda was    Legacy
     45    On the run Richie returned to Paris seeking Du    Prodigal Son
     46    Pete Wilder saved Richie from an attack by guy    Counterfeit, Part I
     47    Joe Dawson arrived in Paris with the news that    Counterfeit, Part II
     48    Season Three
     49    After Midori Koto sees her husband, Michael Ke    Samurai
     50    Richie's old girlfriend Donna returned with he    Line of Fire
     51    The people of a tiny Balkan nation were rising    The Revolutionary
     52    Dawson was witness to the murder of art histor    The Cross of Antoine
     53    Michelle Webster, the teenage daughter of one     Rite of Passage
     54    Cullen, an old friend of MacLeod, was burned o    Courage
     55    MacLeod and Richie took in 10-year-old Immorta    The Lamb
     56    Immortal David Keogh was a noted craftsman wit    Obsession
     57    MacLeod was tormented by visions of his own de    Shadows
     58    Robert Waverly was leaving his mistress' apart    Blackmail
     59    To save his own hide, Immortal and petty hoodl    Vendetta
     60    Recent Immortal Michael Christian had been on     They Also Serve
     61    When religious leader John Kirin returned from    Blind Faith
     62    In the 1600s, Kalas was an Immortal monk who w    Song of the Executioner
     63    MacLeod was picked up at the airport by his ol    Star-Crossed
     64    Kalas killed two Watchers in his search for Me    Methos
     65    After Immortal Ceirdwyn and her mortal husband    Take Back the Night
     66    MacLeod decided to tell Anne the truth about h    Testimony
     67    Father Bernard had a secret he thought he'd bu    Mortal Sins
     68    When a valuable DaVinci sketch was stolen from    Reasonable Doubt
     69    Kalas escaped from prison when Amanda attempte    Finale, Part I
     70    After Christine told her tale to the newspaper    Finale, Part II
     71    Season Four
     72    After MacLeod purchased a centuries old bracel    Homeland
     73    When Immortal Andrew Cord was gunned down, Mac    Brothers in Arms
     74    Richie encountered Mikey, a huge Immortal of l    The Innocent
     75    The past came back to haunt Richie when he spi    Leader of the Pack
     76    MacLeod's old friend, Kit O'Brady, came into t    Double Eagle
     77    Running for his life from Immortal Terrence Ki    Reunion
     78    World War I was officially over when Colonel S    The Colonel
     79    Coming home from the movies, MacLeod and Richi    Reluctant Heroes
     80    An ancient statue of the Hindu goddess Kali wa    The Wrath of Kali
     81    Nearly 350 years ago, MacLeod was the devoted     Chivalry
     82    World famous pianist Claudia Jardine had a sec    Timeless
     83    ER trauma surgeon Anne Lindsey responded to th    The Blitz
     84    The Immortal Coltec was a Native American Hayo    Something Wicked
     85    MacLeod, full of the Dark Quickening, arrived     Deliverance
     86    In 1755, MacLeod made a promise in order to sa    Promise
     87    When masked thugs tried to take Amanda's head     Methuselah's Gift
     88    Two-bit magician Danny Cimoli got a whole new     The Immortal Cimoli
     89    MacLeod's old friend Warren Cochrane was hidin    Through a Glass, Darkly
     90    Was MacLeod seeing a ghost when the evidence m    Double Jeopardy
     91    When gina and Robert de Valicourt met 300 year    Till Death
     92    Joe Dawson's life was on the line when the Wat    Judgment Day
     93    On the orders of Watcher Jack Shapiro, every W    One Minute to Midnight
     94    Season Five
     95    When Duncan was but a child, he was found by t    Prophecy
     96    The last time Richie Ryan saw Duncan, the High    The End of Innocence
     97    Carl Robinson, the former slave turned basebal    Manhunt
     98    Duncan ran into an old friend from the 1920's,    Glory Days
     99    Carolyn Marsh's latest bestseller was a hot an    Dramatic License
    100    Duncan and Amanda were reunited with Immortal     Money No Object
    101    Jennifer Hill believed the spirit of her dead     The Haunted
    102    Derek's faith in god helped save him from a vi    Little Tin God
    103    Richie had found a new teacher, an Immortal wh    The Messenger
    104    In 1944, Ingrid Henning had the chance to kill    The Valkyrie
    105    Cassandra returned from hunting down Immortal     Comes a Horseman
    106    Kronos was putting the Four Horseman back toge    Revelation 6:8
    107    The Chateau LeMartin had been in Marina's fami    Ransom of Richard Redstone
    108    Spanish swordplay, like Spanish dancing, was e    Duende
    109    According to official statements by the Britis    The Stone of Scone
    110    After the Scottish massacre at the Battle of C    Forgive Us Our Trespasses
    111    After inspiring Mary Shelley to write "Franken    The Modern Prometheus
    112    An archeologist unearthed an ancient demon and    Archangel
    113    Season Six
    114    True evil never rests, and, as told by an anci    Avatar
    115    The battle against the ultimate evil continued    Armageddon
    116    After a successful career as a banker, George     Sins of the Father
    117    Many times, immunity could mean impunity. Afte    Diplomatic Immunity
    118    Immortal Kyra had lived all her life as a body    Patient Number 7
    119    Some Immortals never grew up, regardless their    Black Tower
    120    In 1929, Fitzcairn enjoyed the life of a lord,    Unusual Suspects
    121    Since Immortals can not have children, Katya a    Justice
    122    The beautiful and deadly Immortal Reagan Cole     Deadly Exposure
    123    Revenge is a dish best served cold. After resc    Two of Hearts
    124    The evil Immortal DePascua had hunted Methos f    Indiscretions
    125    Duncan's friends were put in danger by Liam O'    To Be
    126    In the "world without Duncan", Tessa Noel had     Not To Be


Checklist Cards (1:6 packs)

    C1     Checklist (1-64)
    C2     Checklist (65-126, C1-C3)
    C3     Checklist (R, L, Q, W, A cards)

Highlander: The Raven Cards (1:3 packs)

    R1     For some, Amanda is a synonym for "trouble-bey    Reborn
    R2     After their first (hot) meeting, detective Nic    Full Disclosure
    R3     Friendship is a thin line that can be crossed     Bloodlines
    R4     For some people, marriage is a blessing. For i    Immunity
    R5     Death never ceases to be a mystery in life, ev    So Shall Ye Reap
    R6     When you're Immortal, justice can takes its ti    Birthright
    R7     In our minds, some things are never forgotten,    Crime and Punishment
    R8     Sooner or later, all sins come from the past t    The Unknown Soldier
    R9     Real friends are hard to find. Bert Myers, a f    Cloak and Dagger
    R10    For all Immortals, the Game is a blood bath -     Passion Play
    R11    Immortals are a secretive bunch. Perhaps it is    The Devil You Know
    R12    Most powerful Immortals are ambitious, and And    A Matter of Time, Part 1
    R13    Andre Korda has escaped, not without leaving b    The French Connection, Part 2
    R14    Sometimes, death is but a point of view, but t    The Rogue
    R15    During the French Revolution, the Immortal Tal    Inferno
    R16    Over the last 10 centuries, Amanda has had man    The Frame
    R17    For Immortals, many times the only way to get     Love and Death
    R18    Old habits die hard. Amanda's former partner a    Thick as Thieves
    R19    A mask can reveal as much as it can conceal, r    The Manipulator
    R20    Everyone has a past, wherever you like it or n    The Ex-Files
    R21    Over the centuries, Immortals often change the    War and Peace
    R22    Immortality is not always a blessing, and a lo    Dead on Arrival

The Lover Cards (1:8 packs)

    L1     Amanda
    L2     Tessa
    L3     Debra
    L4     Carmen
    L5     Little Deer
    L6     Bess
    L7     Kristen
    L8     Sarah
    L9     Reagan

The Warrior Cards (1:20 packs)

    Q1     Duncan MacLeod vs Otavio Consone                 Duende
    Q2     Duncan MacLeod vs Martin Hyde                    Prodigal Son
    Q3     Duncan MacLeod vs Hugh Fitzcairn                 Star-Crossed
    Q4     Duncan MacLeod vs Kern                           Line of Fire
    Q5     Duncan MacLeod vs Paul Karros                    The Revolutionary
    Q6     Duncan MacLeod vs Hideo Koto                     Samurai
    Q7     Duncan MacLeod vs Steven Keane                   Forgive Us Our Trespasses
    Q8     Duncan MacLeod vs Nicholas Ward                  The Vampire
    Q9     Duncan MacLeod vs Morgan D'Estaing               Double Jeopardy

The Wanderer (Cel) Cards (1:40 packs)

    W1     1618: Duncan MacLeod - Scotland
    W2     1635: Duncan MacLeod - France
    W3     1778: Duncan MacLeod - Japan
    W4     1815: Duncan MacLeod - Europe
    W5     1851: Duncan MacLeod - Spain
    W6     1864: Duncan MacLeod - Mexico

Autograph Cards (3:box)

    A1     Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod (Limited to 500)
    A2     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
    A3     Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan (Limited to 500)
    A4     Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda (Limited to 300)
    A5     Traci Elizabeth Lords as Greta (Limited to 500)
    A6     James Horan as Grayson
    A7     Lisa Howard as Dr. Anne Lindsey
    A8     Tom McBeath as Coleman
    A9     Marcia Strassman as Betsy Fields
    A10    Sandra Bernhard as Carolyn Marsh
    A11    Claudia Christian as Katherine
    A12    Michael Shanks as Jesse Collins
    A13    Ocean Hellman as Alexa
    A14    Amanda Wyss as Randi MacFarland
    A15    Anthony Head as Allan Rothwood
    A16    Tamlyn Tomita as Midori Koto
    A17    Matt Walker as Ian MacLeod
    A18    Ron Perlman as The Messenger
    A19    Don S. Davis as Palance
    A20    Alan Scarfe as Craig Webster

Case Topper (die-cut; numbered to 600)

    DC1    Highlander - MacLeod (family crest)

Card Album

    --     The Complete Highlander (Binder)
    --     (9-pocket pages)
    CC1    Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod costume card        Highlander: Endgame
    P3     (Sword down; binder exclusive promo card)

Archive Boxes (Master Set, excluding binder-exclusive cards)

     --    (Not marked on outside of box; 10 distributed)
     --    (Marked on outside of box; 10 distributed)


   P1      (Sword sideways; general distribution)
   P2      (Sword up; Non-Sport Update)
PCE-2003   There Can Be Only One! (Promo Card Encyclopedia & Price Guide)
   --      Spring 2003 (dealer sell sheet)

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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