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High School Musical Expanded Edition
   Topps - 2008

Notes:  Thanks to Greg Geerts and James Catalano for updates! Further information 
and scans are found at the Topps web archive.

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards, 2 sticker-cards, and 1 bonus sticker. 8 boxes/case.
Common card sets (50): approx. 1.93 per box if collation were perfect.
Common sticker-card sets (30): approximately 1.60 per box.

No.   Card-Front Title                            Card-Back Title

   Cards (4:pack)

  1   So Theatrical!                              Zeke Gets Illuminated!
  2   Class Countdown                             Troy Hears the Chant
  3   Celebration!                                Schoolwork Toss-Up!
  4   What Time Is It                             Chad's Chant
  5   School Is Out!                              Scheme & Shout!
  6   The Promise                                 Locker Lovebirds
  7   Live It Up!                                 ...And Party Down!
  8   Clap Your Hands                             Sharpay Multi-Tasks
  9   V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!                            Breakin' Free!
 10   Sharpay's "Boi" Friend                      Puppy Love
 11   Ecstatic                                    Sweethearts
 12   Positively Pink                             Fabulous!
 13   Wildcats in the House!                      Pool Boys
 14   Princess in Peril?                          Precarious Position!
 15   Overboard!                                  Splash!
 16   Taylor's Gig                                Activities Coordinator
 17   Kitchen Confidential                        Bangin' Out the Beat
 18   Work This Out                               "All for One, One for All!"
 19   You Are the Music in Me                     I Wrote This for You
 20   Troy Gets Tuneful                           Musical Hearts
 21   Spying Siblings                             Sprinkling of Jealousy
 22   Air Evans                                   Who's Sharpay's Daddy?
 23   Caddie Down!                                Chad Gets More Than he Bargained For
 24   Evans Fore!                                 Tee'd Off!
 25   Chad's Aching Dawgs!                        Recovering Caddie
 26   Tied Up?                                    Troy Gets Upgraded...
 27   Sharpay's Golden Ticket                     Is Troy for Sale?
 28   A Sign of Things to Come?                   Troy's Cue Card
 29   Key to a Kingdom                            Tempting Troy
 30   Troy Coaches Sharpay ...                    Or Is It the Other Way Around?
 31   Bossing Kelsi                               You Are the Music In... Who?
 32   You Got Game?                               Top Bat
 33   Baseball, Dancing - Same Game!              Here's the Pitch...
 34   Troy Triumphant!                            He Shoots, He Scores!
 35   Face Off!                                   Can This Friendship Be Saved?
 36   A Duet - or a Solo?                         You Are the Music in ... Yourself?
 37   Charpay's Dream...                          ...Is Troy's Nightmare
 38   Going Her Own Way?                          People Change...
 39   Troy Gets the Memo                          No Staff at the Talent Show
 40   Thank You, Ryan!                            Gabriella's New Friend
 41   Will Troy Bet on Himself?                   Choosing a Path
 42   Troy's Pledge                               Be True to Himself!
 43   Change of Heart                             Troy Faces Off with Sharpay
 44   Song Switcheroo?                            "But I Didn't Learn a New Song!"
 45   Gabriella Keeps the Faith                   The Song in Her Heart
 46   The Star Dazzle Award                       ... Goes to Ryan!
 47   A Kiss for Forever                          A Kiss for Now
 48   A Summer Like No Other                      Awe-Summer!
 49   Chad Rocks Out                              Pool party Palooza
 50   Gabriella's Rockin'                         All for One

   Sticker-Cards (2:pack)

  1   Chad Throws a Pitch / Trading Card Checklist
  2   Chad Danforth
  3   Gabriella Montez
  4   Troy Rocks
  5   Zeke Baylor
  6   School's Out!
  7   Chad Counts it Down!
  8   Ryan Evans
  9   Chad Dances on Air!
 10   Sharpay Leads the Way!
 11   "Bet on It!"
 12   Sharpay's Fabulous Gear!
 13   Ryan at Home Plate!
 14   Smiles For Gabriella
 15   Twin Troubles
 16   Sharpay Sings!
 17   Taylor McKessie
 18   Rad Chad
 19   Chad Celebrates in Song
 20   Kelsi's "Keys" to Success!
 21   Ryan Relaxes
 22   Ryan Rocks His 'Brella!
 23   Gabriella & Troy
 24   Sharpay & Troy
 25   Gabriella Dreams of Summer
 26   Martha & Taylor
 27   Sharpay Evans
 28   Troy & Sharpay Duet
 29   Face Off!
 30   The Girls / Sticker Card Checklist


Puzzle Stickers (2:3 packs)

  1   (red puzzle top left)
  2   (red puzzle top middle)
  3   (red puzzle top right)
  4   (red puzzle center left)
  5   (red puzzle center)
  6   (red puzzle center right)
  7   (red puzzle bottom left)
  8   (red puzzle bottom middle)
  9   (red puzzle bottom right)
 10   (yellow puzzle top left)
 11   (yellow puzzle top middle)
 12   (yellow puzzle top right)
 13   (yellow puzzle center left)
 14   (yellow puzzle center)
 15   (yellow puzzle center right)
 16   (yellow puzzle bottom left)
 17   (yellow puzzle bottom middle)
 18   (yellow puzzle bottom right)
 19   (red puzzle completed)
 20   (yellow puzzle completed)

Glitter Stickers (1:6 packs)

  1   ?
  2   Fun Zone (Gabriella)
  3   Lost in Music (Chad, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor)
  4   ?
  5   Star Dazzle (Troy + Gabriella)
  6   Chad
  7   (4 + Troy + Gabriella)
  8   Star Dazzle! (Ryan + Sharpay)
  9   ?
 10   HSM - Lost in Music

Felt Stickers (1:6 packs)

 F1   East High
 F2   Total Hoop Dude
 F3   Class of 2008
 F4   East Drama
 F5   Wildcats EHS

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