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High School Musical
   Topps - 2007

Notes: "Stickers" were inserted at 3 per pack, but these span "common" sticker 
cards and several levels of "chase" stickers. Many collectors will include the cards 
and the sticker cards as part of the base set. The printed insertion rates for the 
costume cards, 1:63 packs, should have been stated as 1:163 packs. Thanks to 
Mike Tilford and James Catalano for updates! Further information and scans are 
found at the Topps web archive.

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards + 3 stickers.
Card sets (50): approx. 1.92 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker Card sets (30): approximately 1.60 per box.

No.   Title (Card Front)            Title (Card Back)

Cards (4 per pack)

  1   Troy Bolton                   Karaoke Cuties
  2   Playmaker                     Wildcats Win! Here's the Instant Replay!
  3   Hidden Talent                 "My Head's in the Game, But My Heart's in the Song"
  4   Troy                          We're All in This Together!
  5   Hoops Dude                    Chad Danforth & Taylor McKessie - Opposites Repel?
  6   The Dream Team's Chad         Loyalty Rules
  7   Chad Danforth                 Facts at Your Fingertips
  8   East High Wildcats            Wildcats Breakin' Free
  9   Starring Sharpay!             Sharpay Evans - The Girl Most Likely
 10   Hoppin' to the Top            Sibling Revelry
 11   Super Scholar                 A Gifted Girl with Her Eyes on the "Pi!"
 12   Something New                 That's What Friends Are For
 13   Cutest. Couple. Ever.         Remember Troy and Gabriella's Very First Convo at East High
 14   Team Photo                    Hoop, Hoop, Hooray!
 15   On Stage                      Who Said It?
 16   Double Trouble                Pop Quiz!
 17   Out Each Other's Backs!       Classic Scene Replay!
 18   Twinkle Town Twins            Pop Quiz Card!
 19   Sharpay Evans                 Who Said It?
 20   Ms. Darbus                    HSM Pop Quiz Card: Faculty Files
 21   Duet                          Name That Tune!
 22   Wildcat Spirit!               We're Free!
 23   We've Got the Moves           Musical Notes
 24   So Fly!                       Bolton Basics
 25   So the Playmaker!             Troy's Sports Stats
 26   Summer Superstar              Troy's Summer Vacation
 27   Girl Troubles?                Sweethearts
 28   Summer Romance!               Soaked!
 29   Moving On?                    Troy and Sharpay - Coult It Happen?
 30   Bet on It                     Face Time with Dad
 31   The Music in Me               A Midsummer Night's Scheme
 32   Sharpay's Crush               Sharpay's Schemes to Snare Troy
 33   Summer Job                    Who'da Thunk It?
 34   Gabriella's Picnic            True Confessions
 35   Chad and Taylor               Opposites Attract?
 36   Drama Queen                   Sharpay Evans: Fabulous!
 37   In the Summer Spotlight!      A Summer Like No Other
 38   Jason's Question              Jason Finds His Dancing Feet
 39   Court King Chad               I Majored in Vacation - By Chad Danforth
 40   Taylor McKessie               How I Used My Summer Vacation Wisely - by Taylor McKessie
 41   Telling It Like It Is         Taylor Tells It True!
 42   Ga briella Montez             Gabriella: Facts 'n Stats
 43   Knock Out!                    Gabriella's Summer
 44   Dress to Impress              Ryan's Change-Up!
 45   Kelsi - In the Key of Cool    She's the Piano Girl
 46   Goin' My Own Way!             Top Chef?
 47   Ryan's Home Run!              Taking Risks
 48   "Eye" Luv U!                  Gabriella's Roller Coaster Summer
 49   The Talent Show               We've Got Spirit!
 50   School's Out!                 All for One

Sticker Cards (2 per pack)

 01   2 Pairs 2 Many?               Trading Card Checklist
 02   Go, Girls!
 03   Kelsi Writes the Songs
 04   Bravo, Ms. Darbus!
 05   Secret Friends
 06   Gabriella=Smarts
 07   So Matchy-Matchy!
 08   We Win!
 09   The Performer!
 10   Victory!
 11   We're all in This Together!
 12   Heads in the Game!
 13   The Playmaker
 14   Princess of the Pool
 15   Gabriella in Love?
 16   Lighting Up the Summer
 17   Totally Troy!
 18   Wildcat Superstar!
 19   Dreamy Troy
 20   So Hot!
 21   Joltin' Bolton!
 22   Sharpay & Ryan
 23   So Fresh!
 24   Cliques Connect?!
 25   Hoops, Hoops, Hooray!
 26   Hoops Dude
 27   So Cool Chad
 28   Smarts & Style!
 29   Gabriella's Got Game!
 30   Ryan - Mad Hatter?            Sticker Card Checklist


Puzzle Stickers (2:3 packs)

  1   Disney's High School Musical              blue puzzle center
  2   Breakin' Free                             pink puzzle top middle
  3   Stick to the Status Quo!                  blue puzzle top right
  4   HSM                                       pink puzzle center right
  5   Wildcats                                  blue puzzle top left
  6   You've Got a Call Back - Toodles!         pink puzzle bottom middle
  7   Bop Top                                   blue puzzle center right
  8   Wildcats 14 - Hoops Dude                  pink puzzle top right
  9   Marching Band - Spotlight!                blue puzzle bottom middle
 10   EHS Superstar - I Don't Dance!            pink puzzle completed
 11   Wildcats 14 Athletic Dept.                blue puzzle bottom left
 12   The Theatre Waits for No One - Fabulous!  pink puzzle bottom left
 13   Drama Club - That's Showbiz               pink puzzle center
 14   Applause! Applause! - East High Rules!    blue puzzle center left
 15   Prom Night - Best Friend                  pink puzzle bottom right
 16   Shoot! Score! Win! - 2 Darn Cute          blue puzzle bottom right
 17   Fashionista - Getcha Head in the Game     pink puzzle top left
 18   Summer Fling - Go! Fight! Win!            blue puzzle top middle
 19   EHS - HSM                                 pink puzzle center left
 20   High School Musical                       blue puzzle completed

Glitter Stickers (1:6 packs)

  1   (musical cast: on pink)
  2   Troy (B&W on green)
  3   Gabriella (on red)
  4   Chad (on green)
  5   Troy (color on green)
  7   Sharpay
  8   Ryan
  9   Troy (on blue)
 10   (musical cast: green on red)

Felt Stickers (1:6 packs)

 F1   EHS - Wildcats Ath Dept
 F2   HSM - E - Wildcats
 F3   Go Wildcats - HSM
 F4   Wildcats - East High
 F5   Drama Club - Winter Musicale

Costume Cards (1:163 packs)

 --   Troy's Uniform (1:308 packs)
 --   Chad (1:344 packs)

Factory Set (sold separately)

 --   (50 base cards)
 --   (30 sticker cards)
 --   (20 puzzle stickers)

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