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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Cardz - 1994

Notes:  Thanks much to Simon Carless for confirming the existence of the
autograph cards! Also thanks to Philip Brazina, Timo Virtanen (twice), and
Mark Stoffer for updates! Steve Leialoha participated in the artwork for
all cards, and Uschi Lohnes (thanks!) provided information on co-artists
when there were some.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.88 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                Type                 Co-Artist

  1   None At All Part One                 The Story            Dave Gibbons
  2   None At All Part Two                 The Story
  3   What's Going On?                     The Story
  4   I'm Not From Guildford               The Story
  5   This Must Be a Thursday              The Story
  6   A Sub-Etha Sens-O- Matic             The Story
  7   Last Orders, Please                  The Story
  8   It's A Vogon Constructor Fleet       The Story
  9   The Destruction of the Earth         The Story
 10   Zaphod Steals The Heart of Gold      The Story            Rich Larson
 11   Good Grief!                          The Story
 12   Don't Panic!                         The Story
 13   Ford Finds a Fish                    The Story
 14   Earth: Harmless                      The Story            Jack Harris
 15   Caught!                              The Story
 16   The Reading                          The Story
 17   Resistance Is Useless Part One       The Story
 18   Resistance Is Useless Part Two       The Story
 19   We're Going To Die! Part One         The Story
 20   Told You I'd Think Of Something      The Story
 21   Something Strange Going On           The Story
 22   Infinite Number of Monkeys           The Story
 23   The Ship Picked Them Up              The Story
 24   Introducing--Marvin!                 The Story
 25   Zaphod Beeblebrox?                   The Story
 26   Zaphod, Meet Arthur                  The Story
 27   Magrathea is a Myth                  The Story            Anthony Williams
 28   Closed for Business                  The Story            Jack Harris
 29   What the Photon is That?             The Story            Denis Rodier
 30   We're Going to Die! Part 2           The Story            Denis Rodier
 31   Activating the Drive                 The Story            Denis Rodier
 32   What's Happening?                    The Story            Denis Rodier
 33   This is Really Exciting!             The Story            Denis Rodier
 34   Oh, No, Not Again!                   The Story            Denis Rodier
 35   What the Hell Happened?              The Story
 36   Welcome to Magrathea                 The Story            James Fry
 37   Nil Plus Four                        The Story
 38   My Name is Not Important             The Story
 39   The Earth, Mark II                   The Story
 40   Here, Hold These.                    The Story
 41   Life, the Universe, and Everything.  The Story            Eric Shanower
 42   42!                                  The Story
 43   The Mice Will See You Now.           The Story
 44   The Mouse's Tale                     The Story
 45   We Want to Buy Your Brain!           The Story            Denis Rodier
 46   No Deal!                             The Story
 47   Beeblebrox, We've Got You Covered!   The Story            Val Semeiks
 48   Opposed to Needless Violence         The Story
 49   Shall We Shoot Them Again?           The Story            Rich Larson
 50   It's Okay, They're Dead.             The Story
 51   Let's Split!                         The Story
 52   Okay Baby, Hold Tight!               The Story            Shepherd Hendrix
 53   Checklist
 54   Mr. Prosser                          Character            Sergio Aragonés
 55   Arthur Dent                          Character            Tom Grummett/Denis Rodiers
 56   Ford Prefect                         Character            Shepherd Hendrixs
 57   Zaphod Beeblebrox                    Character            Paul Chadwick/Al Williamsons
 58   Trillian                             Character            Eric Shanowers
 59   Marvin, the Paranoid Android         Character            J Muths
 60   Slartibartfast                       Character            Stephen Baskervilles
 61   The Mice                             Character            Colleen Dorans
 62   Vogon Jeltz                          Character            Anthony Williamss
 63   Loonquawl and Phouchg                Characters
 64   Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters         Guide Entries        Ty Templeton
 65   The Towel--Part One                  Guide Entries
 66   The Towel--Part Two                  Guide Entries
 67   The Towel--Part Three                Guide Entries
 68   The Babel Fish                       Guide Entries
 69   Robots, Part 1                       Guide Entries        Michael Lark
 70   Robots, Part 2                       Guide Entries        Mark A. Nelson
 71   Planet of the Biros, Part 1          Guide Entries
 72   Planet of the Biros, Part 2          Guide Entries        Ernie Colón
 73   Planet of the Biros, Part 3          Guide Entries
 74   Cover Art: Volume One                Covers & Pinups      Steve Fastner
 75   Pin-up Page: Volume One              Covers & Pinups
 76   Cover Art: Volume Two                Covers & Pinups      Steve Fastner
 77   Pin-up: Volume Two                   Covers & Pinups
 78   Cover Art: Volume Three              Covers & Pinups      Steve Fastner
 79   The Dentrassi                        Alien Races          Mark A. Nelson
 80   The Vl'hurg                          Alien Races          Kelley Jones
 81   The G'Gugvuntt                       Alien Races          Tom Sutton
 82   The Alpha Centaurians                Alien Races          Allen Nunis
 83   The Magratheans                      Alien Races          Tom Sutton
 84   Or Should I Say, Phil?               Arthur and 'Phil'
 85   At Last I'd Got Her to Myself        Arthur and 'Phil'
 86   Hey, Doll                            Arthur and 'Phil'
 87   I'm From A Different Planet          Arthur and 'Phil'
 88   Marvin at the Beach                  Memories of Marvin   Hilary Barta
 89   Marvin Saves the Universe            Memories of Marvin   Allen Nunis
 90   Marvin--Every Kiddie's Pal           Memories of Marvin   James Fry
 91   Marvin's Brain                       Memories of Marvin   Stephen Baskerville
 92   Marvin, Your Host                    Memories of Marvin   Ty Templeton
 93   Vogons Plan the Bypass               Vogons               Bob McLeod
 94   Vogon Elementary School              Vogons               Denis Rodier
 95   Vogon Cuisine                        Vogons               Val Semeiks
 96   The Medieval Planet                  Planet Catalogue     Colleen Doran
 97   Planet of Fish                       Planet Catalogue     Sergio Aragonés
 98   The Cow Planet                       Planet Catalogue     Michael Lark
 99   Planet of Bad Taste                  Planet Catalogue     Ernie Colón
100   Checklist


Tekchromes (1:12 packs)

T1    Zaphod on the Run
T2    Slartibartfast Makes His Mark
T3    Trillian Brings the Mice
T4    Ford Hitches a ride


H-1   Beeblebrox, We've Got You Covered!
H-2   Zaphod Steals the Heart of Gold

Autograph Card, 1:864 packs

Note: The autographed cards inserted in packs are not stamped, embossed,
or otherwise "certified," and featured Douglas Adams's signature on one of
the regular cards.

Card Album

 --   (Binder)


Prototype #1   The Destruction of Earth
Prototype #2   The Planet of Biros, Part 3
Prototype #3   Pin-Up: Book Two
   --          (dealer sell sheet)

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