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J.R.R. Tolkien The Hobbit
Eclipse Enterprises 1992

Notes:  Produced as a complete boxed set; all artwork is by David Wenzel,
with story adaptation by Sean Deming.  The story is continuously told on
the card backs.  Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   HOBBITS - Plain Quiet Folk
  2   BILBO BAGGINS - A Very Fine Person
  3   GANDALF - The Wandering Wizard
  4   AN UNEXPECTED PARTY - Fellow Conspirators
  5   DWARVES - And the Lonely Mountain
  6   TROLLS - And Roast Mutton
  7   A NICE PICKLE - And Good Blades
  8   A SHORT REST - Elrond and the High Elves
  9   MOON-LETTERS - Goblin-cleaver & Foe-hammer
 10   OVER HILL & UNDER HILL - Goblins
 11   THE GREAT GOBLIN - A Tight Corner
 12   A TURNING POINT - Gollum
 13   RIDDLES IN THE DARK - Three Guesses
 14   A MAGIC RING - The Back Door
 15   OUT OF THE FRYING PAN - The Wargs
 16   INTO THE FIRE - The Eagles
 17   QUEER LODGINGS - Beorn
 18   MIRKWOOD - "Don't Leave the Path"
 19   FILES AND SPIDERS - "A Sting Has He"
 20   THE WOOD-ELVES - One Last Effort
 21   BARRELS OUT OF BOND - Down the Forest River
 22   A WARM WELCOME - Lake-town
 23   ON THE DOORSTEP - A Riddle Solved
 24   SMAUG - Thieves! Fire! Murder!
 26   NOT AT HOME - The Arkenstone of Thrain
 27   THE FIRST PAYMENT - Ravenhill
 28   FIRE AND WATER - The Dragon Attacks
 29   BARD - The Dragon-Shooter
 30   GATHERING OF THE CLOUDS - March to the Mountain
 31   THE SIEGE - A Thief in the Night
 32   THE CLOUDS BURST - Dain Has Come
 33   BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES - Other Quarrels Forgotten
 34   TO PART IN FRIENDSHIP - The Death of Thorin Oakenshield
 35   THE RETURN JOURNEY - And Retraced Steps
 36   THE LAST STAGE - An Unexpected Return

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