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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Playing Cards
   Cartamundi - 2012

Notes: The cards are 3D lenticular, and were packaged in a silver tin.

   Card      Figure               Scene

 Spade  2    Bifur the Dwarf
 Spade  3    Bofur the Dwarf
 Spade  4    Nori the Dwarf
 Spade  5    Gloin the Dwarf
 Spade  6    Dwalin the Dwarf
 Spade  7    Kili the Dwarf
 Spade  8    The Goblin King
 Spade  9    Saruman
 Spade 10    Elrond               leather armor
 Spade  J    Thorin Oakenshield   sword
 Spade  Q    Galadriel            white gown
 Spade  K    Bilbo Baggins        staff
 Spade  A    Gandalf              hat

 Heart  2    Bombur the Dwarf
 Heart  3    Ori the Dwarf
 Heart  4    Dori the Dwarf
 Heart  5    Oin the Dwarf
 Heart  6    Balin the Dwarf
 Heart  7    Fili the Dwarf
 Heart  8    Bolg
 Heart  9    Radagast
 Heart 10    Elrond               cloth
 Heart  J    Thorin Oakenshield   furs
 Heart  Q    Galadriel            tan over white
 Heart  K    Bilbo Baggins        sword
 Heart  A    Gandalf              staff

Diamond  2   Bombur the Dwarf
Diamond  3   Ori the Dwarf
Diamond  4   Dori the Dwarf
Diamond  5   Oin the Dwarf
Diamond  6   Balin the Dwarf
Diamond  7   Fili the Dwarf
Diamond  8   Bolg
Diamond  9   Radagast
Diamond 10   Elrond               cloth
Diamond  J   Thorin Oakenshield   furs
Diamond  Q   Galadriel            tan over white
Diamond  K   Bilbo Baggins        sword
Diamond  A   Gandalf              staff

 Club  2     Bifur the Dwarf
 Club  3     Bofur the Dwarf
 Club  4     Nori the Dwarf
 Club  5     Gloin the Dwarf
 Club  6     Dwalin the Dwarf
 Club  7     Kili the Dwarf
 Club  8     The Goblin King
 Club  9     Saruman
 Club 10     Elrond               leather armor
 Club  J     Thorin Oakenshield   sword
 Club  Q     Galadriel            white gown
 Club  K     Bilbo Baggins        staff
 Club  A     Gandalf              hat

  Joker      Gollum
  Joker      Gollum

    --       (tin collector's box)

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