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Hobo Patricide
Personality Comics - 1993

Note:  I don't know the total distribution for this set, but the one I acquired
was signed and numbered (to 100) by artist Garrett Berner. The cards do not
show numbers; those shown in the list are from the printed checklist card.

No.    Card Text

 --    Hobo Patricide Trading Card Set / [checklist]
( 1)   A half a universe and one ransacked flower shop later... "H
( 2)   ALRIGHT!!! ALRIGHT!!! I'll friggin' come and friggin' visit
( 3)   Ms. Hobo, I have a message for you...
( 4)   No, I don't think so...
( 5)   So I can friggin' kill 'em!!
( 6)   But I think you should be told, Hobo - you're adopted."
( 7)   Authorities are still searching for clues in the mystery sl
( 8)   This must be the unnamed cat that inexplicably appears.
( 9)   Hobo, you just killed every living thing on the planet Zork
(10)   Feez-guzzlin'll Snuff-widdlin' #$%&* doctor!!! That'll teac
(13)   Oh, my achin' brain! What a #$% &* party that was!! Now whe
(14)   I didn't #$% &* know the maternity ward was on the #$% &* t
(15)   That's right, sweetie. Time to stop all this silly fighting
(16)   Babs Bodie - star of the fraggin' show. Why would such a ba
(17)   How's that, boys? I didn't go through the #$%^ &* door!!!
(18)   Well, they may have caught me, but they can't keep me. I'm
(19)   Hurry!!! If she reaches that window we'll lose her!!! And t
(20)   That's right, darling, it's time to go to your room now.
(21)   Nothin' like rippin' off a head to start off your life just
(22)   Ha! I made it!! I'm out of that #$% &* hospital!!!
(23)   That's where you're wrong, ya #$% &* bimbo!!!! Check out th
(24)   No Way Babe, Men Only!
(25)   Don't pass out...Don't pass out....Don't pass out...
(26)   She's the daughter we could never have!!! C'mon dear. Let's
(27)   Accent on the "DEAD," pinhead.
(28)   Are those just innocent background animals or are they part
(29)   AWRIGHT!!! The beach on the planet Dysnee!!! Sun, sand and
(30)   What a sucker! She's gonna fall for the same trick twice.
(31)   I'll have to kill everyone on this whole stinkin' planet.
(32)   Ah! The planet Dysnee, where even the lowest of low can go
(33)   I'm sure she thinks she killed us with every other living b
(34)   Is that right? Is liddle-widdle baby-boo a big bad meany? C
(35)   All hospital files are confidential!!! Drop dead!!! One of
(36)   Look, ya nark-sucker! I want info on my genetic parents fro

 --    Hobo [Spoof Comics intro, white border]

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