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Hockey Freaks
Action Cards - 1992

Note:  Because the stickers are more common than the cards (individually), a "complete set"
usually includes stickers.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 2.53 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approx. 3.60 per box.

 No.    Title                          Team

   1    [A game in the AHL]            Check List - A
   2    Glenn Harvey                   Boston Stranglers
   3    Chuck "Aaaaarrrggghhh" Manson  Boston Stranglers
   4    Drakk Kula                     Boston Stranglers
   5    Tex Leetch                     Boston Stranglers
   6    The Stuntson Brothers          Boston Stranglers
   7    Jack the Strapper              Boston Stranglers
   8    Evil Zattan                    Boston Stranglers
   9    Ted Knives                     Boston Stranglers
  10    Levy Waite                     Boston Stranglers
  11    Wolfee Bag                     Chicago Gangsters
  12    Réal Capote                    Chicago Gangsters
  13    Shirley "High Scream" Vanilla  Chicago Gangsters
  14    Charlie Horse                  Chicago Gangsters
  15    XXXX                           Chicago Gangsters
  16    Doug Hunter                    Chicago Gangsters
  17    Andy Glover                    Chicago Gangsters
  18    Samantha Puck                  Chicago Gangsters
  19    Pete Soup                      Chicago Gangsters
  20    HV-151001                      Detroit Unemployed
  21    Hercule "Pumping Iron" Samson  Detroit Unemployed
  22    Victor LaForce                 Detroit Unemployed
  23    Brad Luck                      Detroit Unemployed
  24    Pierrot Rinfrette              Detroit Unemployed
  25    Bernie 40 % Turcotte           Detroit Unemployed
  26    Redd Neck                      Detroit Unemployed
  27    Johnny Bolling                 Detroit Unemployed
  28    Ted Gumbee                     Detroit Unemployed
  29    Neil Moony                     Los Angeles Pollution
  30    Typhonse Allaire               Los Angeles Pollution
  31    Wayne Grizzly                  Los Angeles Pollution
  32    Nico "IQ" Brainstein           Los Angeles Pollution
  33    Everett "Smokey" Garrett       Los Angeles Pollution
  34    Frank Geiger                   Los Angeles Pollution
  35    Ernest Murphy                  Los Angeles Pollution
  36    Théo Beausoleil                Los Angeles Pollution
  37    Power-22                       Los Angeles Pollution
  38    Jack Dummy                     Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  39    Chris "Preacher" Window        Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  40    Mach Five                      Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  41    Great Sesame                   Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  42    Phil Boulet                    Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  43    Darn Yarn                      Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  44    Jim Fish                       Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  45    Walter Walker                  Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  46    Yvan Trilock                   Montreal Flying Hasbeens
  47    M.D. Grichman                  New York Scums
  48    Greg Proctor                   New York Scums
  49    Max "Arson" Burn               New York Scums
  50    Bud "Raw" Butcher              New York Scums
  51    Dry Klean                      New York Scums
  52    Herbert Picks                  New York Scums
  53    Rod Heint                      New York Scums
  54    Jack Hill                      New York Scums
  55    Dave Save                      New York Scums
  56    Boulhouboulhou Boulhou         Ottawa Mountees
  57    Pete Puzzle                    Ottawa Mountees
  58    Michael Dundee                 Ottawa Mountees
  59    Robert Rubber                  Ottawa Mountees
  60    Kurt Spider                    Ottawa Mountees
  61    Joe Cooker                     Ottawa Mountees
  62    Mgwo Khull                     Ottawa Mountees
  63    Satan Claus                    Ottawa Mountees
  64    Benny Hull                     Ottawa Mountees
  65    Jacques Baloune                Quebec Frogs
  66    Gino Azzaro                    Quebec Frogs
  67    Don Nutts                      Quebec Frogs
  68    Rikki Lindrock                 Quebec Frogs
  69    Jim Treck                      Quebec Frogs
  70    Mark Max                       Quebec Frogs
  71    Charly Moffet                  Quebec Frogs
  72    Ben Crépault                   Quebec Frogs
  73    Billy Bilodeau Jr              Quebec Frogs
  74    Raven Spitberg                 Toronto Gold Plated
  75    Goofy Mandell                  Toronto Gold Plated
  76    Rick Shark                     Toronto Gold Plated
  77    Buddy Selleck                  Toronto Gold Plated
  78    Oscar F. Fecks                 Toronto Gold Plated
  79    Jack Flash                     Toronto Gold Plated
  80    Alphonse Cadorette             Toronto Gold Plated
  81    Jeff McFly                     Toronto Gold Plated
  82    Cammy Lyon                     Toronto Gold Plated
  83    Magayashi Shiyagama            Vancouver Kamikazes
  84    Martin Chauze                  Vancouver Kamikazes
  85    Colonel Snaps                  Vancouver Kamikazes
  86    Tommy Mito                     Vancouver Kamikazes
  87    Will Van Hish                  Vancouver Kamikazes
  88    Redd "Alert" Cannon            Vancouver Kamikazes
  89    Hiro Gotakaka                  Vancouver Kamikazes
  90    Mami Blohead                   Vancouver Kamikazes
  91    Steve Koop                     Vancouver Kamikazes
  92    Mi$ter Ron Royce               Atomic Hockey League
  93    N.Y. - Studebaker Cup          New York Scums
  94    Rich Cash                      All-Star Player
  95    Terence Hell                   All-Star Player
  96    Kelly Nails                    All-Star Player
  97    Kandy Striker                  All-Star Player
  98    Ray Padds                      All-Star Player
  99    Rodolph Richter                All-Star Player
 100    [AHL Logo]                     Check List - B

Stickers (One Per Pack)

SP  1   Detroit Unemployed
SP  2   Boston Stranglers
SP  3   Chicago Gangsters
SP  4   Quebec Frogs
SP  5   Vancouver Kamikazes
SP  6   Toronto Gold Plated
SP  7   Montreal Flying Hasbeens
SP  8   Ottawa Mountees
SP  9   Los Angeles Pollution
SP 10   New York Scums


--      (Panini, Unnumbered, 2 different)

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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