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Hogan's Heroes
   Fleer - 1965

Notes: Card fronts feature black-and-white photos from the series with humorous 
captions; card backs form a 66-card puzzle. American Card Catalog reference is 
R730-9. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   Lose a tank Col. Klink?
  2   Sir, I regret to inform you some of our priso
  3   I wish I could see if my shoes were shined!
  4   What happened to the girl I was dancing with?
  5   I packed your car, General! The ticking??? Pa
  6   Anybody would think there's a war on!
  7   It's not a tunnel, Klink, we're starting a vi
  8   Schultz, make sure the eggs are fresh this ti
  9   If we escape ... you want to come with us?
 10   Col. Klink, in our army you'd be lucky to mak
 11   Watch that first step General, it's a lulu!
 12   And I say, we don't need a barbecue pit.
 13   Schultz, watch where you're going - you caved
 14   Folies Bergere? I'd like to make a reservatio
 15   Open the wine cellar - I got an order for thr
 16   Col. Hogan, I've got to keep these glasses on
 17   Klink, I think your sirens sound better.
 18   You cook better than my wife! You're better l
 19   How do I know ... I don't speak German.
 20   Carter, how about a game of gin rummy?
 21   My son, the P.O.W.!
 22   Schultz, next time you need money, come to me
 23   Col. Hogan, you and your men have 24 hours to
 24   Col. Hogan, this was a quiet camp until you g
 25   No! No! Don't take the freeway.
 26   What do you mean you cancelled the dance?
 27   Klink, you're starting the Christmas party ea
 28   What gives you the idea I need a furlough?
 29   Put up a road block, my monacle is missing.
 30   Don't worry; I'm not a spy. I'm going    2007
 31   How did I know it was a German uniform??? I g
 32   Are you the U.S.O. hostess?
 33   I swear, you're the first enemy I ever kissed
 34   And boy can I do bird imitations!
 35   And this one is the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker!
 36   Explain to Klink ... It's not a tunnel; we're
 37   I got it as a prize in a cereal box.
 38   I caught this in a door.
 39   Of course it's a funny hat, but it's great fo
 40   Tell the triuth mate, you've got a liverwurst
 41   If I can't have my afternoon tea, I'll shoot
 42   I don't think Klink'll miss either one of us
 43   Schultz, there's not a strand of barbed wire
 44   They're not wire cutters Col. Klink. Helga wa
 45   I don't think the prisoners would like it if
 46   I see nothing ... nothing!
 47   Drink that and you'll be a bushy haired kid a
 48   The door know has more hair than Klink.
 49   It's growing!!! I won't freeze on the Russian
 50   Definite signs of dandruff.
 51   Col. Hogan, I've got the overseas operator on
 52   Duck behind Lebeau - Klink will never notice
 53   Don't ask me, Klink. I don't know whose side
 54   If we get a date for you, we'll make it a dou
 55   Don't worry - Schultz has cotton in his ears.
 56   A boat in a prison camp! Please Col. Hogan hi
 57   Hail, Hail, the gang's all here! But not for
 58   Ah, what wonderful sauerkraut juice.
 59   What do you mean lillies for Col. Klink! Let'
 60   Temper! Temper! You'll fog up your monacle.
 61   Why don't you get yourself a windshield wiper
 62   And you didn't think we could make a do-it-yo
 63   Look at it this way Klink, it beats hiking wi
 64   Get away you big clown; you're supposed to be
 65   I've gained twenty pounds since I started eat
 66   He told me he bought it with the money from h

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